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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Monday, September 1, 2008

Posts that I never got around to, uh, posting this summer (probably for real good reasons)

Finding the lone Norbit fan on Thompson Street (or in the city).

An analysis of a Taco Bell "for sale" sign:

That nice chunk of real estate on Third Avenue between 10th Street and 11th Street --formerly home to a Taco Bell -- has been sitting empty for ages. Maybe it's that inexpensive "for rent" sign with the handwritten phone number that just makes it look, well, cheap. What, you throwing a garage sale or do you want to do some business? The landlord must have thought the same thing! They've now added a new sign! Two of them!


The Grand Opening at 16 Handles on Second Avenue.

Making the sidewalks safe for walking in a gum-free environment in front of Walgreens on Union Square.

Portable, electricity-free air conditioners: The styles trend piece the Times missed.

One-man protest at City Hall.

The neat trail of lottery tickets on 10th Street.

A job for the mattress police on 10th Street.

The disapearance of the rickety fan in front of the bodega on Avenue B next to 7B.

After months of standing on the sidewalk, it was gone.

Helping the New York Post with bad headline puns: So the New York Knicks drafted Italian League star Danilo Gallinari with their first-round draft pick in June. The Post quickly called him "The Italian Hero." Well, to help our tabloid headline writers, here are a few more possibilities for the 2008-09 season:

The Italian Stallion

The Italian Job

Oh, Dani boy

That's Italian!

(After getting ejecting for arguing with a ref) Italian wine

Italian air

That's amore!


Analyzing this Ann Taylor ad on Broadway: Is she falling? (If so, why does she look so happy?) Is she jumping? (If so, what is she jumping into nearly fully dressed?)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Taking a picture of a staircase on the Bowery

The appreciation of the Bowery continues. The door to the stairs of these apartments/lofts/whatever was ajar the other evening. On the west side of the Bowery, close to Houston.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ad of the day

On West Broadway. Just one of the four icons that Vans has chosen for this new campaign. Oh, and Motörhead's new album is out today.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Things that are kind of creepy

Naked, armless mannequins. On Nassau Street.

The headless bride-and-groom bags at Duane Reade.

The moving company that will pack your kid... on Gold Street.

These T-shirts. Yeah, and he loves your big boobs.

Me taking pictures of an R-rated Snow White passing out coupons downtown. (I never caught up to her. She gave me the slip. So to speak.)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Signs that the economy is really bad

The ATMs don't work anymore.

People throw away their luggage because they can't afford to travel.

People can't afford to fix their nice cars.

Park Avenue residents subjected to white bread.