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Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Sidewalk bridge removal on 3rd Avenue and 9th Street reveals some EV archaeological history

The sidewalk-bridge removal at 115 E. Ninth St. (and around Third Avenue up to 10th Street) today revealed some ghost signage... as EVG reader Sarah points out...
If this helps... Organic Avenue!
Organic Avenue was here from 2013-2015 until the juice-bar chainlet imploded. 

Top photo by Steven

Monday, November 14, 2016

Vivi Bubble Tea coming to former Organic Avenue space on 3rd Avenue

Several Organic Avenue locations reopened late this past spring, as someone decided to revive the brand. (As Eater put it, OA was "being pumped full of life-restoring elixirs by a coven of benevolent kale sorcerers.")

The OA on Third Avenue at Ninth Street was not among the returning storefronts. At least for, say, bottles of Sweet Greens and to-go platters of Chikn' & Sweet Potato Waffles. Signage has arrived noting the arrival of the latest Vivi Bubble Tea franchise...

This location looks to be called the St. Mark.

Vivi now has 30 locations across the US of A.

The entire Organic Avenue juice-bar chain abruptly shut down last October. The company filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection.

As for bubble tea. Saint's Alp Teahouse, purportedly the first teahouse to bring bubble tea to New York City, closed nearly directly across the street last fall.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Former Organic Avenue space for rent on 3rd Avenue

The for rent sign is up now at the former Organic Avenue space on Third Avenue at East Ninth Street.

According to the listing (PDF!) at Walker Malloy, the asking monthly rent is $17,500 for the 1,020-square-foot space (no basement).

And what was Organic Avenue paying? A past-due notice on the door in late October showed the monthly rent to be $13,583.33.

As for OA, the entire juice-bar chain abruptly shut down on Oct. 15.

So the fact that this space is on the market shoots down any theories of the rumored-to-be-expanding Duane Reade on the East 10th Street corner taking over the entire west side of Third Avenue along here. Three storefronts remain empty next to that Duane Reade.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

ConEd safety alert at the shuttered Organic Avenue on 3rd Avenue

An EVG reader notes the arrival of a ConEd notice — marked "safety alert" — on the former Organic Avenue storefront on Third Avenue at East Ninth Street... the flyer notes that the gas service is still active here, "but we do not have an account holder on file."

The flyer lists some numbers to call for the storeowner to set up an account. The entire OA chainlet shut down for good after business on Oct. 15.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Organic Avenue is behind on rent on 3rd Avenue

The entire Organic Avenue juice-bar chain abruptly shut down after the business day last Thursday. The company filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection.

The "closed until further notice" sign arrived the next day at the East Village/Midtown South (MiSo) location on Third Avenue and East Ninth Street. (The message gives the hope that they might return…)

And this week a past-due notice arrived on the front door…

We're curious what the rent is for this modest-sized corner space… the notice puts the monthly rent at $13,583.33. (In total, this OA owes the landlord $27,838.33 for September and October rent… as well as the water and sewer bill.)

A Forbes columnist shared some thoughts on the OA story yesterday, if you're interested.

Serial entrepreneur Doug Evans launched Organic Avenue fifteen years ago with partner Denise Mari out of Mari’s Lower East Side apartment. In 2013, Mari and Evans sold Organic Avenue to investment firm Weld North, who hired a former Pret A Manger executive to oversee operations.


In many cases, years or months, after a startup is bought out, the company is closed. Others think they can do it better, but the truth is that no one knows your business like you do. Founders are the heart of any small business. Their passion keeps the lights on, and corporate executives or large sums of capital can never replace the blood, sweat, tears that founders put into their startups.

With this closure, the strip of storefronts on the west side of Third Avenue between East Ninth Street and East 10th Street looks even sadder … just two businesses remain open — the UPS store and an eyebrow salon.

Keep an eye on that Duane Reade on the East 10th Street corner expanding.

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Report: Organic Avenue is calling it quits

[Photo by William Klayer from April 2013]

Eater is reporting that the juice-bar chain is shutting down all its locations in the city at the end of the business day today ... there's an OA on Third Avenue and East Ninth Street that opened in the summer of 2013.

This location always seemed pretty desolate most times — a surprise (initially, anyway) given its proximity to NYU dorms and the Death Star ... the photo here shows the place from a visit during the afternoon on Aug. 18...

The empty shelves weren't due to high sales volume.

Racked had more on the company's financial troubles back in August:

It's believed that Organic Avenue’s operational losses were at about $600,000 a month between all its stores by May 2015; it lost a whopping $1 million during its worst month, January 2015, including private equity fees to Weld North. Out of the company’s ten locations, only three are profitable, sources say, because of poor location choices.

Racked was told that most of Organic Avenue’s losses came from waste. Its foods and juices come with a short shelf life, and must be tossed after three days: it’s not uncommon to walk by an Organic Avenue at closing time and see bags and bags of untouched food being tossed.

This retail strip on Third Avenue between East Ninth Street and East 10th Street will even be more desolate now... perhaps prompting more speculation about Duane Reade taking over the entire block.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Organic Avenue coming to Third Avenue

EVG regular William Klayman pointed out yesterday that there's a new tenant arriving at the former travel agency on Third Avenue and East Ninth Street... a new location of Organic Avenue, which is, according to their website:

[T]he leading provider of organic cold pressed juices, raw food cleansing programs, snacks, superfoods, truly natural beauty products, healthy lifestyle education and community building events. The company helps people learn how to transition and maintain a healthy lifestyle that is pleasurable and sustainable, while also friendly to people, animals and the environment.
Organic Avenue is controlled by Weld North, an investment company concentrating on education, health and wellness, consumer services and marketing businesses.

They have nine locations now in Manhattan, with three more on the way soon... Seems like a good fit for the office crowd/workers arriving soon at 51 Astro Place next door?