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Monday, December 16, 2013

SantaCon 2013 postmortem

[Saturday afternoon, of course, via EVG reader AS]

We'd like to forget all about SantaCon 2013. (Oh, but God, we can't — we see red Santa suits and hear Wooooooooo! every time we blink!)

However, there are several recappy type articles that, uh, recap what went on... like this one from The Wall Street Journal that provides some arrest numbers from the weekend.

Amazingly enough, per the article:

[T]he New York Police Department made no arrests, issued eight summonses for open alcohol containers and two summonses for disorderly conduct related to the event. Last year, police made one disorderly-conduct arrest, issued 73 open-container summonses and issued one other summons for public urination.

[Third Avenue and East 16th Street]

How about the subways and buses and stuff?

Metropolitan Transportation Authority police issued five summonses for disobeying the alcohol ban and three for disorderly conduct this weekend, an agency spokesman said.

So you see, it really was nothing. You SantaCon haters must just not like to have fun!

[Ducking and running from computer]

Oh, and as for the charitable portion of the event... because SantaCon stands for charity!

SantaCon participants donate money to charity, but organizers said they won't know how much they raised until later this week.

Also, as an act of kind public service, we'd like help reunite this potentially scorching SantaCon couple...

Spontaneity at SantaCon - w4m (East Village)

I was the girl with the three foot long santa hat who yelled "Hey, you wanna make out?" and you were Eric and said, "Me? Sure!"

Thanks for going along with it! It might ruin the perfect moment of spontaneity but I wouldn't hate getting to know you better because you were sweet and very cute.

If you remember this, I don't know, reply with my name or with what my friends were eating or something to prove you're the guy. Merry Santa Con!!

So, as SantaCon proves, "Hey, you wanna make out?" is a viable pickup line. Try it at your office holiday party. Or, better, standing in line at the post office! Anywhere!

Guess what her friends were eating! A chair from the Village Pourhouse? The soul of the East Village? So many choices!

Here's the alleged tug-of-love video in the Duane Reade entrance on Third Avenue and East 14th Street that people are referring to in the comments.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Parting thoughts from the weekend...

East 11th Street yesterday… photo by Goggla

SantaCon 2013 Fight Night

Some Santa-brawling action on Third Avenue and East 16th Street.

Here's another angle via Gothamist

A break in the Santa action yesterday, starring a Yeti

East 10th Street and First Avenue… photo via EVG reader Marina.

East Village residents share their positive experiences with SantaCon 2013

Heh. Ok. This ol' gag. Like, you know, there weren't any positive experiences...

But if you do have something positive to say about SantaCon 2013, then please do so in the comments. (And "it wasn't that bad" and "it could have been worse" don't count...)

Saturday, December 14, 2013


Earlier today on St. Mark's Place

"I walked two feet out of my apt on St. Marks and already a guy with a group of Santa pals says what cute tails to the dogs then looks at me and says "I gotta get a tail by the end of the night." Then without any response from me he says "huh huh. She knows what I'm talking about" ... One guy yells out "not very good Santa costumes" to my dogs. Already!" — Chloe Sweeney McGlade via Facebook


Squashing those rumors that the 13th Step isn't participating in SantaCon

Unless they are in line early for Alder?

Photos via EVG reader Steven Sonnenblick

It was all fun and games until...

Your SantaCon map, for better or worse

Thanks to EVG commenter extraordinaire Giovanni for passing along the official handy-dandy SantaCon map. This is from 10 a.m.-1:30 p.m., at which time they'll all be coming by my apartment for tea and homemade scones.

First we take Manhattan...

Just getting started…

Photo by @GeorgyGirlNYC

And with sincere apologies to Leonard Cohen.


Moments later… via EVG reader Steven Sonnenblick…

[Updated] We're saved from SantaCon! Jesus is here!

Tompkins Square Park via EVG reader David…

Wait a minute. We've been duped. Jesus doesn't wear red suede Pumas…

Updated 1:52

Oh well.

The NYPD apparently got the SantaCon memo

The scene on Avenue A and Tompkins Square Park ahead of the official 10 a.m. gathering time for the start of SantaCon...

[Via EVG reader David]

[Via EVG reader mdmn]

[Via EVG reader mdmn]