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Thursday, June 2, 2022

The Tacos Cholula cart makes triumphant return to 2nd Street

After a 5-month-plus absence, the Tacos Cholula cart is back at its usual spot on the NW corner of Second Street and Avenue A. (Thanks to the reader for the photo!

The cart went AWOL sometime in late January/early February... before a Tacos Mary cart showed up for a bit in March before also disappearing. 

Hopefully, the cart is here to stay now.

Thursday, March 17, 2022

The taco cart is BACK on 2nd Street and Avenue A

After missing in action for about six weeks, the taco cart is back on Avenue A and Second Street. 

OK, it's actually a different cart with a new name — Tacos Mary now (Tacos Cholula before). 

However, an EVG reader who shared the photo here from Tuesday night says the workers are the same. Apparently, this operation is related to the Tacos Mary out in Queens

Also! A reliable source tells us that the fruit vendor will be back soon on Sixth Street and First Avenue. Also, MIA these past few weeks.

Friday, February 25, 2022

Missing in the East Village: the fruit vendor on 1st Avenue; the taco cart on 2nd Street

Reader queries have arrived this week... asking about some now-missing regulars around the neighborhood. 

For starters, the fruit vendor has not been at his usual post on the SE corner of First Avenue and Sixth Street for several days. (Top photo.) 

The vendor had been toughing it out during the winter months, but now everything is gone. (H/T Goggla!)

There was some speculation — over the clickety-clack of typewriters in the EVG newsroom — that perhaps the Citi Bike docking station prompted the departure and, perhaps, relocation. While the dock isn't new, its arrival meant the vendor needed to find parking elsewhere for his van with supplies to keep the stand stocked with fruit and vegetables.

Meanwhile, on the NW corner of Second Street at Avenue A...
... the whereabouts of the Tacos Cholula cart is unknown. One grieving regular puts the absence now at a few weeks. We have our best people looking into this.