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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bob Perl's East Village

The Commericial Observer has a piece this week titled "Robert Perl: The East Village’s Counterculture Landlord."

A few passages.

Mr. Perl, the president of East Village specialist Tower Brokerage, is a rarity among local landlords for his long tenure and his wistfulness about the gentrified area’s squalid punk rock past.


Mr. Perl’s advocacy on behalf of Life Café owner Kathy Kirkpatrick during the rent dispute, and his affinity for the East Village’s increasingly blunted edge, suggests that he is a benevolent landlord in a neighborhood with an ingrained suspicion of, or antipathy toward, real estate professionals. “The cynicism they have today is very different from the ‘Die Yuppie Scum’ days” Mr. Perl said. “You were more likely to be lynched as a capitalist pig in the ‘80s than today. Money is something people look up to now, as opposed to deride.”

Read the article here.

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A good sign at the Native Bean?

Back in September 2011, a "for rent" sign went up above Native Bean at 50 Avenue A... Per the listing, it's a 10-year lease at $10,000 per month.

Well. Now 18 months later, workers have removed the "for rent" sign. (On March 1.)

And in its place last Thursday, a new Native Bean sign now greets passersby...

While the listing remains online, a tipster who frequents the cafe believes that they are staying put. Plus, as the tipster notes, the Native Bean has just added new menu items, such as a grilled chicken sandwich and caramel apples(!). Plus! They just installed a small aquarium.

We haven't heard any official confirmation. Ali, the owner, is currently away.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Space that houses Native Bean on Avenue A is for rent

If you walked past Native Bean on Avenue A this past weekend, then you probably saw that new "for rent" sign hanging above the gate...

The space is for rent. According to the listing at Tower Brokerage...

It's a 10-year lease at $10,000 per month. We understand that it's possible that Native Bean will stay here.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bars/retail spots that have been sold/are for sale: Ludlow Guitars, 210 Rivington

While continuing to poke around the Tower Brokerage site...Not sure how long these have been listed.

There's quite a list, though...Such as:

As for rentals: The Ludlow Guitars space is available for $16,000 a month...

For sale: (and in contract) The old Silver Revolver at 210 Rivington.

Plus plenty more storefronts that you've seen around with the big yellow Tower Brokerage signs...and an unnamed bar on Avenue C:

Bar For Sale - Avenue C!
Approx. 1,100 sq. ft. with Backyard, Full Kitchen & Full Liquor License!
Price: $100,000...Rent: $7,500/mo...10-year lease.

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