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Sunday, July 12, 2020

Reader report: The alarms at the Avenue A NYSC have been ringing since Thursday night

Via the EVG inbox...

The burglar alarms at the New York Sports Clubs outpost at 28-30 Avenue A between Second Street and Third Street has been going off CONTINUOUSLY since Thursday night. It's going off on both the front interior of the building (flashing florescent lights inside the front entrance along with sounds), irritating the merchants nearby, and VERY definitely at the rear of the building. Those of us whose apartments back up to rear of their building are being driven crazy!

According to the reader and nearby resident, calls to 311 get transferred to 911, where nothing has come from the complaints. Queries to NYSC have not been returned.

The gym has been closed since March 16. In early April, the New York state Attorney General's office ordered NYSC to stop charging membership dues during the COVID-19 closure.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Reader report: The fire alarm goes off every morning at PS 64

[Photo by Bobby Williams]

From a nearby resident of the school:

The fire alarm at PS 64 at 600 E. 6th St. goes off every morning at almost exactly 6. Emergency lights flash and the alarm sounds for approximately 1 minute waking up the entire neighborhood. Reported it to 311 many times and they claim:

The Department of Environmental Protection did not observe a violation of the New York City Air/Noise Code at the time of inspection and could not issue a notice of violation. If the problem still exists, please call 311 and file a new complaint. If you are outside of New York City, please call (212) NEW-YORK (212-639-9675).

It is the most infuriating situation.

Anyone else experience this from the school?