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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Bikinis has closed on Avenue C

Bikinis, named for a style of sandwich from coastal Spain, closed for good after service Sunday night at 56 Avenue C near East Fourth Street.

The tipster who told us about the closure noted, "So sad. The food was good and unique for this neighborhood."

However, several residents who live in the apartments above claimed that Bikinis was a lousy neighbor. (Bikinis also apparently had a no laptop policy — even when the place was empty.) Back in March, CB3 denied their application to extend the space into the empty storefront next door and in the rear yard.

Bikinis opened in September 2012.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

About Bikinis (sandwiches!) slated for Avenue C

In looking over the March CB3/SLA docket, one item jumped out at us: Something called Bikinis slated for 56 Avenue C. What the bartenders will be wearing on duty?

Heh. Nope! CB3 has now posted more information about the applicants. We reached out to Petrit Pula, one of the principals for the new establishment.

He provided some background.

"Bikinis is not the attire of choice — not at all," he said via email. "Bikinis is a style of sandwich from coastal Spain. It's similar to a grilled cheese sandwich, but we are expanding that concept. We will be creating a Barcelona-style eatery with a vintage American diner feel. It will serve Bikinis (sandwiches), soups, salads, coffee, fresh juices and a few dishes."

Pula has been involved with Nublu Records the past six years, most recently as president/A&R. The space for Bikinis at 56 Avenue C is the former Nublu Records office. He is on the recording side, and not with the Nublu music club.

"I saw an online petition against our request for beer and wine license, and that petition has connected us to Nublu," he said. "This automatically makes people think loud music, late night, etc. We are not doing any of that. We are a restaurant with a full menu, background music and regular restaurant hours."

According to the application (PDF) on file with CB3, the hours are 11 a.m. to midnight Sunday through Thursdays; to 2 a.m. Fridays and Saturday.

He is opening Bikinis with his fiancé, Karina Correa, who is the main principal in the restaurant.

Said Pula, "Once the neighbors find out what it actually is, I think they will be at ease."

[Pula and Correa have launched an online petition for signatures in support of their restaurant. You can access that here.]

Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday, August 6, 2010

First casualty in the FiDi bikini bar wars

Back in February, we inexplicably wrote a post about the revamped Hook & Ladder II in the Financial District...

...featuring the "Hook and Ladder II bikini bartenders," one of whom in the ad looked a lot like Mariah Carey in a firefighter's uniform ...

Anyway! I'm not sure when this happened, but the Hook and Ladder II is now closed. And their phone has been "temporarily disconnected." Let's just say that the place hasn't been open the last three weeks.

They were maybe foolish to take on the nearby Nassau Bar, where the bartenders look like extras from a Russ Meyer's movie....

[Not actual Nassau Street bartenders!]

Anyway, for some reason, I will now share this story.


Shortly after HALII's grand reopening, I walked in. To see just how cheesy it would be. Never been in the place before. I walked up the stairs, and spotted an empty bar with some dude in front of the taps. A terrible mistake had been made. I quickly turned around to leave.

Wait! he said.

I must have looked like some sadass middle management type in need of an after-work jolly. Maybe I am! He called out a woman's name.

Mary? Stephanie? Linda? Something fairly common, and not like a bikini bar stage name. Cinnamon. Diamond. Isis. Illusion.

Let's call her Mary. Mary peeks around the corner of the back room. The fellow makes a motion for her to come behind the bar. In a very bashful manner, she gingerly walked her way to the bar, zipping up a baggy hoodie to cover her bikini. The scene struck me like a sister whose older brother was making her do something she really didn't want to do, like tend bar in a bikini.

This was her first day on the job. No kidding? She was nice. She smiled. She had braces. She was probably 24. And she had never tended bar before. The fellow explained that they were out of ice, so any mixed drinks would have to be served warm. I ordered a bottle of beer. I watched as he explained the finer points of bartending, such as how to make a gin and tonic.

A few entertaining minutes later, we all got to talking. The fellow and Mary were old friends. We discussed the news of the day. Sports. Movies. Her favorite all-time movie was "The Dark Knight."

So it went. About 15 minutes later, I left. I wished them all the best. They said to be sure to come back and bring all my friends. I promised that I would, though I don't really have any friends who would ever come here.

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ads on First and First still want us to feel badly about our bodies

EV Grieve reader K. Knipfing points out the new ad on the northeast corner of First Street and First Avenue...

"You can never be too thin." As K put it: "A timeless message from Pretzel Crisps lightly reminding you that you will never reach any 'goal' when it comes to your body."

Previously at this spot, H&M advertised its $4.95 "bikini tops" ...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Beachside at Pulino's

Life's a beach on the Bowery....

...and Pulino's has nudged a few tables further out on the sidewalk ...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

In the Financial District, Mariah Carey helps usher in the start of the bikini bar war

For years now, the duff-and-tumble Nassau Bar on Nassau Street has ruled the FiDi Bikini Bar scene...

Now, though, a new player has emerged on the scene: Hook and Ladder II, sibling of the Kip's Bay Hook and Ladder, on John Street near Water Street (and right around the corner from the luxury rentals at 200 Water)...

According to the signs, this rather humdrum spot is celebrating a (rebranding) "grand re-opening"...

...featuring the "Hook and Ladder II bikini bartenders," one of whom looks a lot like Mariah Carey in a firefighter's uniform ...

(Oh, wait! That IS a picture of Mariah Carey... nice of her to lend her image to the gang at Hook and Ladder II!)

Perhaps this new feature at the Hook and Ladder II will make up for the loss of Gramaldi's as an amentity for those Wall Street boys looking at 200 Water Street...