Tuesday, March 6, 2012

About Bikinis (sandwiches!) slated for Avenue C

In looking over the March CB3/SLA docket, one item jumped out at us: Something called Bikinis slated for 56 Avenue C. What the bartenders will be wearing on duty?

Heh. Nope! CB3 has now posted more information about the applicants. We reached out to Petrit Pula, one of the principals for the new establishment.

He provided some background.

"Bikinis is not the attire of choice — not at all," he said via email. "Bikinis is a style of sandwich from coastal Spain. It's similar to a grilled cheese sandwich, but we are expanding that concept. We will be creating a Barcelona-style eatery with a vintage American diner feel. It will serve Bikinis (sandwiches), soups, salads, coffee, fresh juices and a few dishes."

Pula has been involved with Nublu Records the past six years, most recently as president/A&R. The space for Bikinis at 56 Avenue C is the former Nublu Records office. He is on the recording side, and not with the Nublu music club.

"I saw an online petition against our request for beer and wine license, and that petition has connected us to Nublu," he said. "This automatically makes people think loud music, late night, etc. We are not doing any of that. We are a restaurant with a full menu, background music and regular restaurant hours."

According to the application (PDF) on file with CB3, the hours are 11 a.m. to midnight Sunday through Thursdays; to 2 a.m. Fridays and Saturday.

He is opening Bikinis with his fiancé, Karina Correa, who is the main principal in the restaurant.

Said Pula, "Once the neighbors find out what it actually is, I think they will be at ease."

[Pula and Correa have launched an online petition for signatures in support of their restaurant. You can access that here.]


Vantage Properties said...

The bikinis actually sound delicious, but how much longer will the grilled cheese craze go on in New York?

abrod said...

Someone shoulda taken my bet about the attire of choice. Still, questions remain: what exactly does "Barcelona-style eatery" entail? From the description, it sounds like your average lunch counter / bodega (which would be welcomed) but terms like "Barcelona-style" enable them to charge an extra $5 for everything.

Anonymous said...

:-) bikinis, that's like a sandwich that's been cut in half, diagonally? that is so innovative! :-) where do they come up with ideas like that??? :-)

i have not figured out what the ascii smiley is for searing sarcasm, but until i do, i use that ':-)' instead, okay?


Juice said...

It sounds great to me. I love a good/great sandwich. I don't care what it looks like, if it tastes good, I'm in!

Marty Wombacher said...

Sounds like it might be a decent place and the sandwiches sound good. I'll wait till they open to see about the prices, etc.

K! said...

Bikinis have existed since long time ago in coastal spain, but new to NY NY! so we will bring them to you,along with delicious dishes, " Claras" ( beer & orange lime soda) Sangria ( fresh fruits & wine ) and wont say more. -I should save some surprises for later rite!

Now that we stablished the staff wont be wearing speedos or any bathing attire, we can move on to pricing which is very important.
I particularly feel disenchanted with a restaurant no matter how good it is when its breaking my wallet.

Bikinis will be affordable and comfortable so you can come one, two or three times a week and feel happy in your tummy and happy in your pocket.
this is so important for people on a budget.

Ahhh Barcelona... Imagine an american diner in Barcelona in the 50's.. yea, nice and friendly prices, and delicious wholesome foods.

Its great to see people participating in this conversation, Im exited! keep it going

- Karina

Anonymous said...

While we're discussing that block, people should know that Casa Adela is already there, and their chicken is excellent!

Hey19 said...

@ K!
Mucho Gusto!

My friends and I have always marveled at the lack of Tinto Verano in NYC. Whats up w that? Dont you think that would kill here? We are forced to make our own... They drink that in Barcelona right? I was in Sevilla and south when I was there.

Anyway, sounds great, look forward to checking it out.

Crazy Eddie said...

“You'll have to forgive him (Manuel). He's from Barcelona.”

Anonymous said...

Not about Bikinis, per se, but what is the relevance of an online petition? Petitions are only meaningful as a measure of community support(ie, those who live in the immediate vicinity and will be the recipients of the good or bad behaviour of the business) IMHO. Nothing against this particular business, just saying...

Anonymous said...

I just want to say that the proximity of this to my beloved Casa Adela makes me very, very, very nervous.