Sunday, March 25, 2012

Week in Grieview

[East 13th Street yesterday morning]

Former P.S. 64 on the market... again (Thursday)

The end of the line for the World Famous Pee Phone? (Monday)

Tenants joining forces at 50, 54 and 58 E. Third St. (Tuesday)

City fixes Avenue C Sinkhole, Jr. (Thursday)

The bloodcurdling late-night screams continue (Wednesday)

DOH temporarily shutters Japadog (Monday)

Work permits on file for the Mystery Lot (Thursday)

Nino's for sale (Friday)

Spring began (Tuesday)

Redeveloped funeral home looking for a few live tenants (Thursday)

Another makeshift shelter arrives alongside the Liz Christy Garden (Tuesday)

And there was a lot of debate about saving Kate's Joint ... Three posts and 74 comments. Read them all here.

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