Thursday, March 29, 2012

Reader mailbag: Do East 15th Street residents 'still suffer from rancid bacon smells ...?'

From the EV Grieve inbox...

What's the status on the unfortunate situation regarding the back of the new iHop on 14th Street? Has anything been changed? Or do people still suffer from rancid bacon smells permeating their apartments?

Good question! We have no idea!

Back in November, a commenter (or two) posted several, uh, comments about how awful it is to live behind the IHOP. For instance: "The noise from the equipment never, never stops, and the smell! The SMELL!!!! My apartment stinks like a cheap hotel kitchen after the breakfast rush now. If you own an apartment in one of the neighborhoods slated to get their very own IHop (I'm looking at you, Limelight neighbors), sell now."

Has the situation improved, East 15th Street? People are asking...

If you have $14 million or so, then you could buy the building that IHOP is in... it's on the market.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for asking about this. I live in one of the buildings behind the 14th Street IHOP, and no, the situation hasn't gotten much better. Several days will go by without much of a problem, and then the stench will begin again. Sometimes, like this morning, it will just be for an hour or two, but then there will be a couple of days when it is just never-ending. Right now, it's a low-level stale smell. My neighbors and I have repeatedly contacted CB6, the DEP, Rosie Mendez's office, you name it - IHOP is still stinking up the neighborhood.
Please, please don't go to IHOP.

EV Grieve said...

Thank you for the update. Sorry to hear that things haven't improved.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I am an owner of one of the apartments that get's the brunt of the smell. I literally had to move out and find someone to rent the apartment too. No one would buy it. Everybody said it smells like bacon. The new tenant says it doesn't bother him so much, but I don't think he is home too much - plus he's been there for winter only, we'll see what happens when he starts opening his windows.