Saturday, March 24, 2012

City trashes some of Manny the Peddler's goods

Matt LES_Miserable tells us this morning that sanitation workers discarded a covered stash of Manny the Peddler's items along here on Avenue A at his usual spot... Matt stopped the workers from trashing the second covered table(s)... Per Matt: "He always has the coolest stuff. It would be a real shame for him to miss out on flogging curiosities on such a nice day."

Manny, who turned 71 in January, has been selling odds-and-ends down on Avenue A near Second Street for 32 years...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping them, Matt!

Anonymous said...

another free thinker entrepreneur bites the dust.

Anonymous said...

I was really worried this was going to happen. I propose we all give him something to sell to bring his inventory back up. Manny has a great story, they made a documentary about him. I like that he is there and he is not hurting anyone.

I have given him things before, and purchased from him. instead of throwing something out, give to him so he can make a buck.

I a have been really depressed this year over the changes happening in the east village. change is good...but the change
that is happening is taking the whole identity from this neighborhood. it is really terrible.

Anonymous said...

What has happened in the East Village was planned over thirty years ago. About 1972. Right.
Property holders were fleeing...and then the end came when bldgs were being torched. only problem the squatters came along and things got skewed for redevelopment.
If things had gone as planned the property in the East Village would have been ready for investors about the height of the internet bubble. hey would have been locked into the investment. Del Este Verde was a small adjustment, as the money was going to other neighborhoods, because the squatters had claimed significant property.
During part of the time the squatters were present as community organizers, there was a wonderful flea market on Ave C.
Anyone who had a piece to sell, similar to the west side market. Though it didn't fit the plan and it was evicted.
The community board doesn't want un regulated markets. It takes away from their revenue. I takes away fro the comfort they feel in control. It takes away from the next phase of development that will exclude even you E.V. Grieve.
Sorry. Best pack your bags.

Matt_LES said...

Don't worry about our boy Manny. The city trashes his stuff periodically. It's a little game of cat and mouse he constantly plays with them. The wiley old fox has stuff squirelled away in various locations ( I know one, but I'll never say.). He'll have risen like a Phoenix in time for the brunch rush. (ok, enough w/ the animal refs, let's wrap this up-- ED)


Marty Wombacher said...

Kudos to Matt for helping him out!

EV Grieve said...

I posted this on Facebook as well... several people said that they would bring some things by today to give Manny to sell...