Wednesday, March 28, 2012

An expanded dining room and a legal fight

Our friends from @biggayicecream sent along this photo the other day... an in-progress look at South Brooklyn Pizza's new dining room opening adjacent to the pizzeria on First Avenue...

Meanwhile, today, Jeremiah Moss reports at Vanishing New York that former East Villager Kati Duncan, who has a 25-year-lease on the storefronts at 122 First Ave., is in a "legal brawl" with South Brooklyn Pizza, who is subletting the space. In 2010, South Brooklyn took over the space next door as well... the former Ruben's Empanadas. Duncan said that this was done without her knowledge.

Per the post:

Duncan's lawyer says that South Brooklyn Pizza is "encouraging the Overlandlord to bring an eviction proceeding" against her, so they can take over the lease.

Read more about it at JVNY.


Uncle Waltie said...

South Brooklyn Pizza was SBP when Jack was working there. After he moved to North Carolina, the place deteriorated to the point where I'd rather walk up the street to Stromboli. Just my opinion, of course, yours may vary greatly.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! I BEG that we end this obsession with all things Brooklyn. The way it's exhaustively covered in the press you'd thing it was fucking the birth place of Christ or perhaps Mecca.

Thank god for this guy.

nygrump said...

The bowl of roasted garlic they supposedly offer as a topping next to the hot peppers is always empty when I go in there. Always.

glamma said...


Anonymous said...

if you want SBP go to di fara in midwood. this place is a joke.