Friday, March 23, 2012

People apparently love the condo with the giant metal slide, according to article about how much people love the condo with the giant metal slide

[Jeff Bachner, The Daily News]

Hey! Speaking of The A-Building on East 13th Street ... The Daily News checks in with the condo that's equipped with the giant metal slide. (We first wrote about it on March 17, 2011, here.)

The place has been for sale... and the News has some funnish anecdotes... Like!

• "There’s a media/game room with a wet bar and a $35,000 custom pool table, which could be negotiated into the sale of the apartment."

• "One man in his 70s who lives in Miami sent his broker to look at the apartment, wondering if the slide hole was big enough to fit his large dogs down it."

• "A broker in her 70s went down the slide four or five times when she came to look at the apartment."

• The owner, professional poker player Phil Galfond, who moved to Canada after some pesky Justice Department crackdowns, used his rooftop space as a putting green.

• "Because of the East Village location, a common rooftop with a sundeck, pool, cabanas and barbecue area, the building had a reputation of being a party hot spot when it opened in 2008. Now it’s a bit tamer" the real-estate brokers say.

The place is going for $3.99 million, by the way. Oh, and only one person reportedly asked about removing the slide.

Now, questions:

• Do you need work permits to add a giant metal slide in your condo?
• Do you need approval from anyone on the condo side of the ownership?
Is the A Building "a bit tamer"? We have no idea! (Please let us know via email.)

It has been nearly three years since the Daily News ran the piece on "amenity-rich" properties, starring the A-Building. The story included this amazing photo.

And this passage about the A Building weekends:

Come Friday night, residents start the party. Without a formal invite, everyone seems to converge on the landscaped roof, this time to watch the sunset and admire the skyline, with the Empire State Building twinkling in the distance.

In the background, the Beach Boys play. Hula-Hoops twirl, beach balls bounce and the crowd convenes around the black marble bar for building-wide drinking games. "Flip Cup is a drinking relay race," explains Evy Rodrigues, 32, a regular.

The roof's perfectly manicured lawn becomes a happy hour ballfield where losing Flip Cup teams have to play Dizzy Bat — they chug beer from a plastic baseball bat and run circles around it while their friends cry, "Watch out for the wall!"

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Marty Wombacher said...

"they chug beer from a plastic baseball bat and run circles around it while their friends cry, "Watch out for the wall!"


Anonymous said...

DZoes this really go on? When I get home from work I generally masturbate and fall asleep watching DVR reruns of Gossip Girl.

Marty Wombacher said...

Hey...wait a second...that person singing into the microphone...Lady Gaga?