Monday, March 26, 2012

Occupy Union Square

At Runnin' Scared today, Nick Pinto checks in on the new encampment for the Occupy movement at Union Square.

For the occupiers, Union Square offers a number of advantages over Zuccotti Park, where they spent last fall. It's much larger, with an open layout in a heavily trafficked location that lends itself to street outreach. Union Square also boasts a proud history as the center of labor, communist and anarchist rallies going back more than a century.

He also discusses the NYPD "fielding massive numbers to push the occupation out of the park each night, erecting metal barricades around the park's southern border and lining them with double ranks of officers from midnight until the park re-opens at 6 a.m."

Read the whole piece here.

Bobby Williams took the photos on this post Saturday afternoon...


Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

Don't know if it was luck or by intent, but Zucotti Park was perfect for OWS because legally, being a private park, it could be used 24 hours/day. That's not the case with Union Square. I'm not a lawyer, so I don't know how Bloomberg, NYPD, and Brookfield are getting away with keeping protestors out of Zucotti Park, but because they have kept ZP out of bounds, OWS has kind of devolved into a series of clashes with NYPD about where and how they can protest, not about what they're protesting. OWS is crucially important and it is very frustrating watching things play out this way.

Anonymous said...

You have to speak the truth. Treachery starts with one lie and builds til up is down and down is up. Nonsense.