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Friday, October 28, 2022

Service for Manny the Peddler is tomorrow at Most Holy Redeemer

Photos by Stacie Joy

The funeral mass for Emmanuel Howard, aka Manny the Peddler, is tomorrow (Saturday, Oct. 29) at 2 at the Parish of the Most Holy Redeemer on Third Street between Avenue A and Avenue B...     
Manny, a street vendor along Avenue A since 1979, recently passed away. You can read our previous post here for background. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

[UPDATED] Remembering Manny the Peddler

Photo from 2020 by Brian Boulos 

UPDATED: Despite what the signs say, the service for Manny is on Oct. 29 at 2 p.m. at Most Holy Redeemer.

Manny the Peddler, a decades-long presence along Avenue A, recently passed away. 

Manny, aka Emmanuel Howard and a father of four, sold second-hand items here for more than 40 years. Although the city often came by and dumped all his sale items, Manny remained resilient and continued to run his sidewalk shop. 

We don't have any further information about his passing. He was believed to be in his early 80s. There is a small memorial (since removed) where he was often seen arranging his items for sale on various tables between Second Street and Third Street ... (thanks to Carl Bentsen for these photos) ...
There is a requiem mass for Manny on Saturday afternoon at 2 at the Parish of the Most Holy Redeemer on Third Street between Avenue A and Avenue B...
Here's more about Manny via a profile at The Local East Village from 2011:
He worked as a print shop delivery boy, metalworker, lathe operator, carpenter, and handyman, and around 1979 he began vending in front of the Con Edison substation on Sixth Street and Avenue A. It became a bonanza. 

"People used to come down from upstate and buy out the whole table for six, seven hundred dollars," he says, and then give him their business cards so he could call when he had good stock. Mr. Howard says he once made $4,500 in a week; he had never had that kind of money before. 

With a pocketful of connections, he could sell whatever people brought to him, and the temptation got too much. In 1997 he says he spent nine months of a six-year term on Riker's Island for possession of stolen goods. He suffered a heart attack while in jail and served the rest of the time on probation. 

"I messed up big time on that," he laments, and has since returned to selling donated items from neighborhood residents, many of whom he's done odd jobs for over the years. 

"Manny is organic to the neighborhood," says a café owner on Avenue A ... explaining that his spot is like a public space, connecting people from different backgrounds. "I see people gathered around the tables, all different layers of society. I think it is very healthy to have that."

Sunday, November 15, 2020

A moment with Manny today

Multiple readers/residents asked about Manny the Peddler today... overnight, someone ransacked his wares here along Avenue A between Second Street and Third Street ... word is some of the items turned up for sale along the ramshackle flea market on 14th Street near First Avenue.

In any event, Manny is OK... and he could use some folding tables if anyone has a one to spare.

Manny, aka Emmanuel Howard, has been selling second-hand items here for more than 40 years.

Thank you to @brianboulos for the photo today...

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

[Updated] Reader report: The city dumps Manny the Peddler's wares on Avenue A

A City sanitation crew stopped by Avenue A between East Second Street and East Third Street around noon today and dumped all of the items Manny the Peddler has been selling along here.

Said one witness:

It appears the manager of the New York Sports Club called the city rather than ask Manny to move his things to another spot along the block, which most other business owners on this block do. Manny is happy to oblige.

Considering the eyesore and highly illegal-looking construction that's been taking up the sidewalk for MONTHS now outside the sports club, it seems like a real douchey move.

Manny is a sweetheart and favorite of many locals in the neighborhood.

This isn't the first time that the city tossed Manny's sale items.

Manny, aka Emmanuel Howard, has been selling second-hand items on Avenue A and East Second Street for more than 35 years.

Updated 5/27

NYSC General Manager Anthony Testai responded with this comment:

I just wanted to say — as the General Manager of the NYSC on Ave A that I am shocked to see how badly my company is getting dragged thru the mud with this. Manny and I have personally chatted multiple times and I was disappointed to see the city throw away his things again.

Just so most of you are aware this is the third time that I know of that this has happened and as all of you know..(weve only been here for 3 months). I can assure you that NYSC myself and my staff included had NOTHING to do with the fact that he had his things thrown away. The first time this happened before we were even open I immediately ran down to Manny and apologized for his belongings being thrown away.

Manny sells his things in front of the methadone clinic and he's not near our storefront, which is why we have no problem with him doing his business, he knows that because we have spoken and I say hello to him almost everyday.

On behalf of NYSC I apologize for this happening but it did not come from us, I even spoke to the construction team and they had nothing to do with it.

Now for the real issue the SIDEWALK! This is killing everyone's business and is a huge problem with the community and me. Just so everyone is aware the sidewalk has been the city not giving us to remove an oil tank that was abandoned beneath the old sidewalk. And so everyone is updated it will be completed by the end of this month if not sooner.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to stop by, tour the gym and see that we are not some "big business" or call me...

Saturday, March 24, 2012

City trashes some of Manny the Peddler's goods

Matt LES_Miserable tells us this morning that sanitation workers discarded a covered stash of Manny the Peddler's items along here on Avenue A at his usual spot... Matt stopped the workers from trashing the second covered table(s)... Per Matt: "He always has the coolest stuff. It would be a real shame for him to miss out on flogging curiosities on such a nice day."

Manny, who turned 71 in January, has been selling odds-and-ends down on Avenue A near Second Street for 32 years...

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Manny delivers the rock salt

Manny the Peddler was out last night delivering rock salt to businesses along Avenue A using a wheelchair... RyanAvenueA, who took this photo, notes that Manny turns 71 on Jan. 2. He's been selling odds-and-ends down on Avenue A near Second Street for 32 years...