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Monday, August 23, 2010

East Village Eatery etc.: Leaving Lady GaGa unattended at ApizzA; riding bartenders at Cheap Shots; building a sidewalk cafe at Cienfuegos

The former Pinisi Bakery branch on First Avenue near First Street has quickly morphed into a /sandwich/noodle/rice shop....

Cienfuegos, a four-part planned series of Cuban-themed bars and restaurants at Sixth Street and Avenue A, is getting its shelter for the planned sidewalk cafe...

...and during yesterday's rain, parts of the overhang were flapping around in the wind....

Subtle humor at Cafe 81 on Seventh Street... "Beat off the heat..."

Gem Spa is seeing some daylight...

...and the punching game thing is gone!

The recently reopened Hanover Cafe at the former Mondo Kim's on St. Mark's has yet another addition...hope the sushi bar was put in after they were shuttered....

ApizzA's Lady Gaga sidewalk board on Avenue A was left unattended Saturday morning!

This would look cool in the Grieve living room, which is also the kitchen.

And just checking out another recent chalkboard sign at Cheap Shots/Spanky's on First Avenue ... Hey, working here people!

...still definitely leaving the youthful crowd behind!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

An ode to the truck bomb

As noted yesterday, Cheap Shots — in an effort to be less youth friendly — has done away with the truck bomb (you know, shot in a pitcher of beer)....

And now, in loving memory of wolfing down truck bombs at Cheap Shots, let's travel to YouTube...

Previously on EV Grieve:
Cheap Shots — sans truck bombs and graffiti — gets the OK for a license renewal

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cheap Shots — sans truck bombs and graffiti — gets the OK for a license renewal

Cheap Shots was first up last night on the CB3/SLA docket.... Back in June, the fuzz busted the First Avenue joint for allegedly serving minors... (and I thought the new incarnation was to be called Spanky and Darla's? Well, no matter... this wasn't mentioned... )

The bar's attorney was there, as was the newish owner ... she also owns the lost bra parlor the Patriot Saloon down on Chambers (where they were hiring "shameless slut bartenders" — woo!) ... anyway, the kindly lawyer, who struck me as a little grandfatherly, discussed how the bar has been trying to change its image.... with a straight face, the lawyer said Cheap Shots had a reputation for being "a young person's bar."

So! The management:
• Removed all the video games
• Cleaned off all the graffiti from the interior
• Changed the jukebox
• Added soundproofing
• Removed the all-you-can-drink-for-free special for people who were celebrating their birthday
• Stopped serving pitchers of beer with shots in them (truck bombs! Woo!)

(I haven't been here since the spring or so, so I can't independently verify any of these claims...)

And so on... There have been four recent complaints under the new in December, two in March and one in June... But the owner said that they've had friendly discussions with neighbors... and helped rectify noise problems... Per the underage bust, they now have two bouncers working on weekends and an ID scanner... two residents spoke out against the bar... one resident said that she felt uncomfortable walking by the bar when the patrons are outside smoking. She said she found their body language — unpleasant.

The owner seemed genuenly concerned upon hearing this... A CB3 board member suggested that the bar figure out a sidewalk traffic control system, perhaps adding a corral to keep people more separated from passersby....

In the end, the committee approved a license renewal for Cheap Shots...

After hearing about the bar's efforts to be less youth friendly, I decided to walk by after the meeting... and here's the sign greeting folks on the sidewalk...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Welcome back?

As Eater noted, Cheap Shots had a grand reopening today on First Avenue since getting the Seize a few weeks back ... and, although there's no signage yet, the new (old) place is called Spanky and Darla's.

Friday, November 7, 2008

David Duchovny really needs to hire better help

From The Villager's police blotter this week:

Police arrested three men shortly before 1 a.m. on Fri., Oct. 24, and charged them with stealing four bottles of oral-sex drops, three bottles of massage oil, a porn movie tape, a package of nipple cream and a sex toy, all from Cherry Box, an erotica shop at 162 W. Fourth St. The suspects, Corey Brown, 31; Malcolm Anderson, 26, and John Francis, 28, were charged with grand larceny after the woman who was tending the shop identified them, police said.