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Friday, August 14, 2009

The last "Note from EV Grieve" that EV Grieve will leave (today anyway)

The guest-blogging stint at Curbed winds down today....and so, a few of the things that I contributed this past week...

Sign of the Times, Bowery Edition (per Curbed commenters, the above flier is a stupid contest for Daffy's...)

Arrested Development: Weeds Sprouting Near Seaport

Downtown Bargain Hunter

Fringe spots

Noho #2: 25 Great Jones Hotel & Spa Grows, Gradually

East Village Noise Wars Update: Heroin Chic!

Construction Watch: 38 Delancey Grasps Towards the Light

Dining in the Dark

Cooper Union Scrubbed Anew

Scarano-on-the-Bowery Gets Its Gilded (Parking) Gates

As CHARAS Turns: Rebranded PS64 Up For Grabs on Ave. B

2 Fifth Follow-Up, Novgratz'd on E. 4th!

Meanwhile in the East Village

Many thanks to Lockhart Steele and Curbed for the invitation...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday, January 8, 2009

More Robin Raj intel (and what about those cartoon hams?)

Thanks to the fine folks at Curbed for the link to my Robin Raj post earlier today. Joey had some additional intel:
"This reminds us that we were in Robin Raj last weekend and asked an employee about the move. He told us they paid under $30,000/month in rent on the 14th Street and Third Ave. space, and the landlord was raising the rent to $60,000/month. Yowza. He also said the landlord hadn't found a taker yet."

And what will happen to those cartoon hams and other illustrations on their outdoor menu? Check out Jeremiah's photos of the RR storefront at Flickr. (Like the one above...)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

From the publisher: The only note that EV Grieve will post today related to this matter

Oh. Hello. The fine folks at Curbed asked me to continue my guest editing duties for a second week. I have the pleasure of being there at the same time as Kurt from Restless and our old friend Jeremiah.

Here are a few of my posts from this week:

When Babs Dines Out

Commoners Offered Access To Best 20 Pine Has To Offer

Dorm Daze on the LES

Construction Watch: Rickety Platform at 211 Pearl

Hotels Booming

On UES, There Will Be Drilling (and Noise)

Ridiculous Amenity Alert, Rental Edition

Thursday, August 7, 2008

EV Grieve continues to leave notes from EV Grieve

Well, I'll be on Day Four of the guest stint at Curbed. Here's some of the posts from there the past three days...

The Awful Tooth About This Corner of Chinatown

Future Thoughts: Remember When There Was a Gas Station in the East Village? One That Only Charged $4.35 a Gallon?

Beyond Gentrification

Long, Hot Summer At the Christodora

Development Plans on Pearl Street Now Short Term

Also, the Seller Needs Your Help to Transfer What Remains of a Total Contract Sum of $283,600,000 Out of Nigeria

Jumping on the BLT Bandwagon on St. Mark's Place

Gross Out Tuesdays: A Sign for Every Secretion

Auto Parts Store Fighting More Than One Battle

Recalling a Pre-Gentrified East Village in Black & White

Proposed New East Village Synagogue Looks Suspiciously Like Apartment Building

Well Zippity Doo Da, Tribeca: You're No. 1!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Monday, August 4, 2008

A note from our publisher, EV Grieve

Good morning.

Last week, I received an invitation to serve as a guest writer at Being a fan of women-only health clubs, I enthusiastically agreed. When I showed up for duty (in Spandex, no less), I discovered the week-long guest stint was with Oh! Well, that's even better. So, during this week, I'll be doing a little writing over there. I'll also be here. And, of course, I'll continue leaving "first!!" comments at Hollywood Tuna.