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Monday, January 12, 2009

Live above Robin Raj

At 114 Third Ave. At the old Grace and Hope Mission. Given the proximity to bars, a store full of snacks, NYU...I expect that apartment to look something like this soon...

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

More Robin Raj intel (and what about those cartoon hams?)

Thanks to the fine folks at Curbed for the link to my Robin Raj post earlier today. Joey had some additional intel:
"This reminds us that we were in Robin Raj last weekend and asked an employee about the move. He told us they paid under $30,000/month in rent on the 14th Street and Third Ave. space, and the landlord was raising the rent to $60,000/month. Yowza. He also said the landlord hadn't found a taker yet."

And what will happen to those cartoon hams and other illustrations on their outdoor menu? Check out Jeremiah's photos of the RR storefront at Flickr. (Like the one above...)

Robin Raj prepping for the big move two doors down (and there's signage!)

The folks at Robin Raj Discount Health & Beauty Aids at the southwest corner of 14th Street and Third Avenue are emptying the store in preparation for their move this weekend (I was told) ...

...a few doors down to 114 Third Ave. where there's now signage! And it looks as if the RR guys will now going by Robin Raj Discount & Deli...

Given what I usually see sold there, a better name might be Robin Raj Discount Egg and Cheese on a Roll.

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Friday, December 26, 2008

Confirmed! Robin Raj moving from corner to 114 Third Ave.

The Robin Raj bodega is preparing to move two doors down to 114 Third Ave., the site of the former Grace and Hope Mission. Their soon-to-be-former site on the corner of 14th Street and Third Avenue is up for grabs. Perhaps a nice shiny tower to keep in line with the neighborhood?

Monday, December 22, 2008

Fall from Grace

I was curious how much longer the inspirational message would stay up at the Grace and Hope Mission at 114 Third Ave. near 14th Street. Workers have been pounding away at this place in recents weeks....

to turn it into a barf factory. It's now revealed.

UPDATED: As a commenter notes: I don't think this spot is going to be a Mitchell Banchik bar anymore. I belive this is where Robin Raj (the deli on the corner is relocating too).... The Robin Raj people told me they are moving here sometime between Christmas and New Years.

Jeremiah has some history on the Grace and Hope Mission here. By the way, even though the place shuttered in the fall of 2007, the Grace and Hope Mission's Web site is still up and running.