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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

David Schwimmer to have his very own Central Perk on East Sixth Street

A tipster points us to 335 E. Sixth St., where work continues on the renovated storefronts (two combined into one) ... per the tipster, a cafe-coffee shop with a small food menu is in the works... not many other details are available right yet... (and there are a few resident complaints with the DOB about an "illegal/improper" vent/exhaust in the back...)

...and it's just steps from David Schwimmer's incoming mansion on the block between First Avenue and Second Avenue... No word if the new coffee shop will include an orange couch.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

C coffee shop quickly closes on East Third Street

On April 18, C cafe opened at 256 E. Third St. near Avenue C. And on June 28, C closed.

Per a Yelp reviewer:
Great while it lasted. The owner was a drummer/arranger/classical pianist ... He wanted to run the place in his spare time because his second passion was coffee and he was making a great living as a producer and sideman. Unfortunately for us, his spare time ran out.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cafe Madeline taking over the Bluebird Coffee Shop

Earlier today, we noted that someone new is taking over the Bluebird Coffee Shop on East First Street. Well, earlier in the month, our friends at Ditmas Park Blog reported that Ditmas Park-based Cafe Madeline bought Bluebird. Here's their menu.

Anyone been to Cafe Madeline?

The Bluebird Coffee Shop has been sold

The Bluebird Coffee Shop opened in November 2009 on East First Street just west of First Avenue. It became a favorite spot of several EV Grieve readers, who have passed along word that the owners have sold the shop (new job in another city). The incoming owners take over the space on Monday. Word is they're keeping it as a coffee shop/cafe, though with a new staff.

Meanwhile, @sandwichboarder notes in the photo below that the Bluebird is now closing early these days...

Monday, April 25, 2011

C is a new coffee shop on Third Street

Several readers have noted that that a new coffee shop has opened (as of April 18) at 256 E. Third St. near Avenue C. A reader said it's pretty straightforward — coffee, tea ... some croissants. The coffee is from Strongtree Organic Coffee Roasters in Hudson, N.Y. I stopped by myself to check it out yesterday morning, though it wasn't open yet for the day...

C takes over the space from Chez Betty Cafe.

Speaking of new coffee shops...

La Bonne Bouffe, a cafe-bakery-small-plates-type place, opened on the corner of Avenue B and Second Street in March 2009 ... and closed in December...

Based on the sign that we spotted outside the space, it appears another cafe-coffee shop is on the way...

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fab Cafe now open, serving Mud coffee

CuppaCuppa recently closed on East Fourth Street between First Avenue and Second Avenue... As promised, the Fourth Arts Block would take over the cafe...

And well: The FAB Cafe is now open... They're also serving Mud coffee....

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hey Gorilla Coffee staff -- a new East Village coffee shop wants to hire you

Well, it seems as if the news on this got going Friday with a tweet from 13th Street's Everyman Espresso (@EverymanNY) and then reported on by the good people at Fucked in Park Slope and Sprudge ... on Friday, just about the entire staff at Park Slope fave Gorilla Coffee resigned... (You can read more about it in Diner's Journal)

Anyway, late yesterday afternoon, our friends at East Village Feed picked up the following Craigslist posting:

Seeking former Gorilla Coffee employees (East Village)


Seeking former Gorilla Coffee baristas/roasters/coffee-house employees we are looking for you!

A brand new establishment in the heart of the East Village promising to pay top dollar to former employees of Gorilla Coffee (in Park Slope).

We would love to offer you a new opportunity at a new coffee house which promises fair management.

Please respond with a resume as well as the time period that you were employed at Gorilla.

Well, we're not aware of any new coffee shops opening anytime soon in the "heart of the East Village..." though there are several places under wraps that we have our eyes on... So, point being, this could be a fake, of course...

Oops. We totally forgot about the Film Academy Cafe opening in the former Astor Place Starbucks East location... Per a reader, those help wanted signs are now up there...

Monday, November 30, 2009

Bluebird Coffee Shop now open

The Bluebird Coffee Shop opened Saturday on East First Street just west of First Avenue. (Simon Sips was in this spot until earlier this fall.) Pretty simple: coffee and espresso drinks, with a few things like coffee cake and Irish soda bread. I always give a new place a whirl. And, for what this is worth, the coffee at the Bluebird is better than at any of the other new cafes that have opened in recent months...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Paradiso on Avenue B

Paradiso, an Italian cafe that serves homemade sweets (like Tiramisu) and sandwiches, opened last week at 105 Avenue B near East Seventh Street. (The former spot of Bang On, the hipsterized T-shirt shop.) I stopped by Paradiso to check out their coffee. It's nice and strong. The proprietor and her husband are about as friendly as you can get. And she gave me a free cookie. I'm easy.

Meanwhile, three blocks to the south...another coffee shop looks close to being open

The signage is up for Coyi Cafe...Between Third Street and Fourth Street on Avenue B. (Previously)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Friday, December 26, 2008

How's the coffee at Ost Café? Dunno yet!

On Tuesday, I went to check out Ost Café, the new Eastern European coffee shop that opened Dec. 20 on the corner of 12th Street and Avenue A. See what was what. Sample the coffee. Support locally owned places. Etc.

Uh. Guess I need to go back next week...Does it seem a little weird to open for three days then close for the next six days...?

Monday, December 15, 2008

New coffee place coming to Avenue B

There's a new coffee place opening on Avenue B between Fourth Street and Third Street. Few details at the moment. (Carpenters and other construction workers really do need a blogger/media relations 101 course so they are much more forthcoming with details. Or, if they truly don't know, they need to get more inquisitive!)

Heh. Anyway. They're hiring.

Friday, December 12, 2008

A little more on the new coffee shop at Avenue A and 12th Street

Amanda at Eater reported this earlier today:

"There are new signs up on the restaurant going in at the NW corner of 12th Street and Avenue A indicating that the restaurant will be called OST Cafe." Another tipster tells us this space is "going to be an eastern european style coffeehouse. Kind of like Cafe Sabarsky meets Pravda."

Meanwhile, a reader had a little more information:

I actually met the owners while they were getting signatures for wine, or something like that. They were nice, though I am not sure they will succeed. They are going to have a doggy window, since they are dog owners and dogs aren't allowed in cafes in this country. Their rent is reasonable at first, especially for the space, but their increases are going to be insane. If they do really well, they might survive. But it does seem like those corners are cursed!

Yes, those corners are cursed. ("Cozily crapalicious" -- Jeremiah Moss)