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Friday, September 20, 2019

The Dip is coming to St. Mark's Place

Signage is up at 58 St. Mark's Place between First Avenue and Second Avenue for a new quick-serve food operation — The Dip...

The Dip will serve dipped beef sandwiches, per their Instagram account. (No photos yet!) The Dip website remains under construction. So we don't know too much else about the place just yet.

Chi Ken, the Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken Store, was set to take this long-vacant space in early 2017, but that venture never materialized.

Hakata Hot Pot and Sushi Lounge closed here at the end of February 2016. (Hakata Hot Pot combined with sister restaurant Zen 6 the next block to the west at 31 St. Mark's Place. BTW that place remains shuttered these past nine months.)

The well-liked Natori closed at 58 St. St. Mark's Place in November 2012.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Sandwicherie New York yumming soon in former Fresh & Co. space on 4th Avenue

The abundant "yumming soon" soon signage is up on the southeast corner of Fourth Avenue and 13th Street ... where Sandwicherie New York is opening an outpost..

Here's more about them via their Facebook description:

Our aim is to give our customers a natural, healthy and vibrant lifestyle ... we strive to build our small family owned business one SANDWICH(erie) at a time.

We are committed to serving you fresh and healthy meals, coupled with a pleasant shopping experience and premium service. Operated by a seasoned and very talented team that consistently puts out chef-inspired or made to order salads and sandwiches that are packed with great flavor. Eye popping New York breakfasts and lunches that include healthy quinoa and wild rice bowls, fresh-pressed juices and a large assortment of bakery and desserts.

Kind of sounds like the previous tenant here, Fresh & Co., which closed at the end of December.

This will be the second NYC location for Sandwicherie ... joining the outpost on 42nd Street near Grand Central. You can find their menu offerings with meat and vegan options here.

This will also be a competitive corridor for sandwiches. Make Sandwich, which "serves uniquely classic sandwiches and quality make-your-own ingredients with NYC hustle," opened several storefronts to the north on Jan. 9.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

'The great sandwich experiment' has ended at Lord Hamm's

An EVG tipster told us yesterday that Lord Hamm's has been rather closed looking the last few days at 226 E. Third St. between Avenue B and Avenue C. The phone number is also no longer is service.

We reached out to the Lord Hamm's folks via Twitter…

The small space just opened on April 5. New York magazine called proprietor Corey Cova an "an undersung sandwich genius."

The reader who told us about the possible closure was a Lord Hamm's fan, noting it was a "really great addition to the neighborhood."

Monday, April 6, 2015

Lord Hamm's, now serving very large sandwiches on East 3rd Street

The takeout shop opened for business yesterday… an EVG reader happened by here at 226 E. Third St., between Avenue B and Avenue C and tried the smaller meatball sandwich ($8; the bigger one is $11) and couldn't finish it. (Said in a positive way, like the portion is quite large).

Lord Hamm's doesn't have a website yet, though there is a Twitter account. (Updated: Fixed the link.) Aside from four different types of sandwiches (for now), they are serving a spicy tomato soup.

New York magazine had a preview a few weeks back with sandwich porn here.

Image via Twitter