Thursday, March 3, 2016

Hakata Hot Pot (RIP Sushi Lounge) has moved on St. Mark's Place

Hakata Hot Pot and Sushi Lounge, housed in the retail spaces at 58 St. Mark's Place between First Avenue and Second Avenue, are no more.

The restaurants shut down at the end of February. According to the owner, they lost their lease. (The building's new landlord is Raphael Toledano.)

However, Hakata Hot Pot will live on. Here's the message via Facebook:

Attention all of our guests!

Hakata Hot Pot and Sushi Lounge will move from 58 Saint Marks Place to 31 Saint Marks Place from March 1st.

Hakata Hot Pot had started 1983 as NATORI Restaurant.

Unfortunately we lost our lease in this place, and now we are going to join our sister restaurant Zen 6 since 1985 on the heart of Saint Marks Place between 2nd and 3rd avenue.

Zen 6 is Ramen restaurant, and we will add new Japanese Hot Pot on the menu.

Our new restaurant name is Hakata Hot Pot & Zen 6.

Please visit feel free to our new location and enjoy our authentic Hakata style izakaya food.

Thank you for your patronage.
Hideyuki Okayama

Let's see if we have this straight. Higher rents chased Sushi Lounge from St. Mark's Place and Avenue A at the end of October 2013. (The corner space is now home to Empellón al Pastor, a bar with tacos.)

The owners of Sushi Lounge were also the new proprietors of Natori at 58 St. Mark's Place. (The original Natori, a longtime favorite, closed in November 2012.)

Then what was operating as the second Natori became Sushi Lounge in January 2014. Then they added the Hot Pot component.

Anyway, what we do know is that Hakata Hot Pot and Zen 6 will be under one roof at 31 St. Mark's Place...

H/T EVG reader Morgan!

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Gojira said...

The fact that these businesses have to play musical storefronts is just another example of how landlords and developers get to run amok and destroy livelihoods and small enterprises with impunity, with no one to stand for the little guy. Just disgusting.

blue glass said...

sure keeps prices going up.
reduces stability of neighborhood.
what did we do to deserve this?

Anonymous said...

I feel like this Toledano guy must think Pharma Bro is his hero.

Anonymous said...

So confusing. I honestly tried to make sense of all that who owns what, who opened what, when, GAHHHHH!!!

Eden Bee said...

I eat there all the time. I followed them from Ave A up the block. But Zen Sushi being on St Marks between 2nd and Cooper makes them more expensive so it cancels the half price out pretty much. Same item is $3 more at Zen.