Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Construction watch: Thirteen East + West

[No. 442]

The former garages on East 13th Street (No. 436 and 442) between Avenue A and First Avenue are gone...

[No. 436]

... and workers are clearing out the rubble ...

... to make way for the incoming condos dubbed Thirteen East + West...

[Rendering via Instagram]

As we pointed out in previous posts, each building has 6 floor-through homes, all with private outdoor space. Pricing will start at $2.3 million; $3.4 million for the penthouses via broker Ryan Serhant. The penthouses at each building will have their own private garages and roof decks.

Meanwhile, neighbors are making the best of any leftover/broken construction equipment (soon to be wading pool?) on the scene...

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Anonymous said...

I must be getting desensitized when I see "floor through condo for $2.3MM" and think to myself "that doesn't sound so bad."

Not that I can afford to spend anywhere close to $2.3MM on what's likely to be <1000 sq ft of space between 1st and A.

Anonymous said...

A recent design choice by builders is to put balconies in the rear of buildings. If your bedroom is situated in the rear of a nearby building and the new residents are 20-somethings you will never be able to sleep again. Voices, music bounces around in the space behind building like the a small canyon.

Anonymous said...

@9:36 - yep, all my windows face one of these buildings. We will be left in the dark, with our entire lives on display. It's so depressing, I don't know what to do.

Anonymous said...

Does NYC still have Peeping Tom laws? Did we ever have them.

'Say you were down to a tee and underwear, either, or naked and someone from one of those buildings was blatantly looking at you. Could you call the cops on him/her? Curious.