Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A look at the new luxury condos coming soon to East 13th Street

Work is underway at 436 and 442 E. 13th St., where two 6-story luxury developments will rise from the former garages...

[No. 436]

[No. 442]

And yesterday, developers Amirian Group and Bridgeton Holdings — who bought both properties for $9.5 million — posted the renderings for the new condos on Instagram …

[Image via Instagram]

Per the Instagram post:

"Each building has 6 floor-through homes, all with private outdoor space. The penthouses have their own private garages and incredible roof decks. Two and Three bedrooms. Pricing from $2.3M. Penthouses start at $3.4M."


We are unveiling more renderings and floorplans this Thursday from 5 to 8 PM along with @artbattles and the kids of Walk of Art and EBC High School [in Brooklyn], who will be staging a street-art competition to kick-off the projects.

The buildings are dubbed Thirteen East + West, according to New York Yimby.

This will be a busy block here between Avenue A and First Avenue for construction. Across the street, workers continue to prep the former Peter Stuyvesant Post Office for demolition to make way for an 8-story retail-residential building.

Meanwhile, the residents of 444 E. 13th St. sued their landlord last week, accusing him of ongoing threats and harassment.

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Anonymous said...

Well, now, that's a novelty. Who would have thought a private garage on the LES? Are we appealing now to a different demographics? Are we transitioning from those glorious days of sunburnt hipsters on (Citi)bikes to . . . smug higher mobility? What's next, private yachts along Corlears Hook marina basin?

Anonymous said...

What do new construction and million dollar penthouses have to do with Art Battles?!?! As if any artist could afford to live in these new buildings? Or are we there to put on a pretty show and make the 1% feel better about making our neighborhood unaffordable?

Anonymous said...

East Side is one block away. They couldn't even at least ask local students to take part? (Or maybe they did and the school said no!)

Anonymous said...

This is not new homes for the 1% but more like the 35%, the 1% still don't want to live here just maybe keep their artwork in storage here.

Going forward we are pretty much screwed if you are waiting on "affordable housing". Only large buildings would take the tax breaks and include 10% for in their eyes the poor, including a poor door.

Smaller private lots as these will continue to sell faster and faster as more developers approach building owners. As these buildings sell out quickly they will establish the EV as the best place to buy and sell 1-3 million dollar condos and it will continue to snowball from their. Sorry to be a bummer but I don't see how this will ever stop.

Gojira said...

Oh goodie, yet more bland, uninspiring and unaffordable to average New Yorkers crap.

nygrump said...

What an nightmare for the residents already living on the street to endure for their profits. Thats capitalism!

Anonymous said...

The only people who can afford these places are trust fund kids, finance douches, and international criminals laundering money in NY real estate.

I don't want to live next to any of them (although if forced, I'd choose the criminals).

Co-op listed, I'm out of here. This area (city?) is no longer viable for people like me. Good luck to those of you who choose to stay or have no other alternatives.

Scuba Diva said...

Anonymous wrote:

Well, now, that's a novelty. Who would have thought a private garage on the LES?

I really think that, given their age, they were probably carriage houses in the past. Unfortunately, in their stripped and altered state, they'd never have been considered for landmarking; not even The Little House at 35 Cooper Square was able to avoid the wrecking ball.

Anonymous said...

So, there were two garage buildings for parking neiborhood cars, now they are destroing them and create only 2 cars parking spots for penthouse. Where are all other cars go? So, quality of infrastracture of hood is going Down , its going to become another Brighton Beach!

Anonymous said...

I always thought one of the garages was used for not so legal purposes. But 13 th street has been so sketchy in the past I don't really walk on it between 1st and A. I spoke with one of the PA's. He was sweet, from Bushwick. I told him about EVG, and then we discussed the impending downfall of his hood. I wonder how long Totem's lease is? I hope the yuppsters don't run them off the block.