Thursday, June 18, 2015

Nail salon in the works for former Amor Baker space on Avenue B

A small fire broke out at the Amor Bakery at 224 Avenue B on April 22, 2013. Unfortunately, the family-run business was never able to reopen here near East 14th Street.

Now from reliable sources comes word that workers are fitting the space for a nail salon…

And that's all we know about that.

As for Amor, we always enjoyed looking at the specialty cakes in the window display… (always wondered why the guy posing in the Speedo had a greenish tint to his body … except for his head)

[Cake photos by Robert Sietsema via Fork in the Road]

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Updated: Fire reported at 224 Avenue B

Amor Bakery will not reopen on Avenue B


Anonymous said...

ugh... there is a nail salon one block south already, glad its not another bar.

Anonymous said...

I still miss Amor. Nice folks. Does anyone know who else around here sells good guava pastries / pastelitos de guayaba?

Makeout said...

Ha! Lower photo looks like a girl I went to high school with! Don't tell her I said that!

Anonymous said...

Great leann and alpa delta Poo can get tan and there nails done

Anonymous said...

He swims with his head out of the water so as to tan. The green tint is caused by the chlorine.