Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The rent is due at the incoming Turntable Retro Bar & Restaurant on Avenue B

[EVG photo from May]

Turntable Retro Bar & Restaurant, a sibling of the Flushing-based Mad For Chicken operation, has designs on a new location at 58 Avenue B (at East Fourth Street).

The space has gone under a major renovation since Vella Market closed here in October 2013.

Not sure of an opening date just yet. However, there does appear to be one possible glitch in all this — the rent is past due, according to the notice taped to the door that an EVG reader spotted…

The "Five Day Notice to Tenant" notes that the occupant owes more than $26,000 in rent. The notice, only just posted, is dated June 4.

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Anonymous said...

So maybe there is hope for a quick fail. (fingers crossed)
This establishment marks the march of ultra-douchbaggery, into NoFo.
(That's Ave. B North of Fourth) (Because I say so)

Anonymous said...

Funny-I was just walking by there yesterday, thinking, "now *that* looks like an awfully expensive renovation…" Plus, I don't understand what era it's supposed to be "retro" to--tudor England?

IzF said...

Its concept is extremely similar to Mono+Mono. They have a location in K-Town. I know it will be filled with DB's however the chicken is delicious and they have so much vinyl in there it's exciting.

Anonymous said...

yeap, the one in K-town is delicious.

people are whining about fried chicken places? i thought you wankers only whined about cocktail bars. get a life.

Anonymous said...

The "concept" is Disneyland's Big Thunder Mountain Railroad meets 1970's Miller's Outpost at The Galleria.
Dude… how 'ironic'. Now pass me my ironic Jello shot.

Anonymous said...

People whining about people whining about fried chicken places.

Anonymous said...

@ 2:08 PM
Nobody whines about cocktail bars or about chicken places.
We whine about Douchebag places.
Try and keep up.

Anonymous said...

2:08 pm could be Daniel Maurer, the editor of Bedford and Bowery, or one of his NYU journalism students cutting their proverbial teeth posting anonymously. The irony and hypocricy.

Anonymous said...

The Revenge of Kate's.