Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Subway (sandwich shop) has closed on the Bowery

Is the new Bowery becoming too upscale for even a Subway? (OK, so the 7-Eleven is still alive and well across the way.)

Anyway, workers gutted the Subway space at 342 Bowery between Bond Street and Great Jones yesterday.

The Subway opened here in late 2009, taking over the space after Downtown Music Gallery moved to Monroe Street.

This is the latest Subway to close in the neighborhood… joining the one on East 14th StreetFirst AvenueSecond Avenue

Meanwhile, the Subway next to McDonald's on First Avenue recently came under new management …

[Photo by EVG correspondent Steven]

… after doing away with the "Restroom & 10% Cab Discount Available" campaign.

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Gojira said...

Fingers crossed that the one on Avenue B near 14th Street follows suit.

bowboy said...

Most of these food places on Bowery are losing money. It's just that the expensive places can hang on longer. Once the Bowery was a transient place for men. Now it's a transient place for retail food. I doubt very seriously that even the 7-11 is turning a profit - just never that many people in there.

Anonymous said...

good riddance. i went in there twice and the staff never bothered to ask how can i help you. i promptly left without ordering anything. vowed never to go back. and i never did.

Anonymous said...

More unemployment. Wonderful. Gojira- heartless disgusting comment. Terrible.

Gojira said...

@Anon. 4:47 - Oh, please, get over yourself. There are similar comments posted by many of Grieve's followers all over this blog, going back years. Why aren't you foaming at the mouth about all of *them*?

Anonymous said...

Oftentimes employees at chain stores with multiple outlets in a neighborhood or city will get hired at another location. They are already trained and understand how the company operates. It is a transferable skill

Anonymous said...

A side note; this space used to house Satellite Records from 1995-2001/2002, much before Downtown music. Hung out there twice a week. Miss that record shop. Many of the top NYC club DJ's (Twilo) would always been in the shop. What a time.

Anonymous said...

If truth be told, they have a mean veggie burger. I bet if the millennials who are lining up outside Superiority ever find out, Subway will be jumpin as the new endive. All the franchise needs to do is reposition their brand:


Jeff said...

Thank you for this post.
My great-grandfather had a jewelry story (pawnshop) at 342 Bowery in the 1910s.
He and his family (wife and four kids) lived in the back.
I'm happy to send you a photo.

EV Grieve said...

Thanks Jeff! I'd like to see the photo!

My email is grieve98@gmail.com