Sunday, June 28, 2015

Where magic happens on Avenue C

From an article in The New York Times today titled Casa Adela in East Village Is the Home of the Magical Rotisserie Chicken

The grandmother who makes the rice and beans — a great-grandmother, actually — was visible through Casa Adela’s window, with its gold script proclaiming “Authentic Puerto Rican Cuisine Since 1976.” She is Adela Ferguson, 79, and she was checking the timer on a 1950s-era rotisserie oven, with eight whole chickens, golden and peppery spices flecking the crisping skin as they rotated slowly — seven more minutes until perfection.

Casa Adela is at 66 Avenue C between East Fourth Street and East Fifth Street


Local since 1991 said...

My experience there over the years is that if you speak Spanish you get much better service. People who come in after you can cut ahead by shouting for what they want, and it is hard to get the details taken care of because the servers can neglect you.

I guess the following tip is common sense: if your chicken is pink with blood in it, don't eat it or you will get sick.

Usually the food is good, but I haven't eaten there in years due to the consistently poor service, which is frustrating and humiliating, and the bad chicken I got.

I do know of gringos who love the place, though. One who speaks Spanish comes to mind. Never again for me.

Anonymous said...

agree the customer service isn't that great. and i speak fluent, near native spanish. but also have blond hair and blue eyes so was still hard to get even a modicum of friendliness. tried it once a year or so ago and never went back. but they do seem to do a brisk business and i'm sure the food is great.

IzF said...

I like this place a lot. The only problem I have is that the TV is on 24-7.

Anonymous said...

The young woman who works there is extremely nice and doesn't seem to care that I'm clearly a gringo Yid, and don't speak a world of Spanish (a fact I'm *not* proud of.) I would say that it's difficult to get food as they can sell out early in the evening. Gothamist wrote a piece about a year ago calling it one of the best cheap-eats in the city and it's blown up quite a bit since then. For the record I've never had anything undercooked here. Everything has been solidly well-made and has ranged in taste and quality from "pretty good" to "fantastic", but never bad. They even have decent side-salads, which is something a lot of the other more highfalutin places on Ave C consistently screw-up on the regular.

Anonymous said...

I'm a non-Spanish speaking white guy and have no issues with customer service. Actually a couple of the nice hard working ladies there smile and say hello when I come in.

As for the chicken, I prefer the fried chicken chunks (pollo de chicharone) - their hot sauce is good with it. I wish they had delivery or call ahead pick up.

Anonymous said...

I don't know guys. I like anon 4:07 have had excellent service and food every time. I don't speak spanish and although I am mixed race ( none if which is Latina) my husband is clearly causian. Perhaps they cater to the regulars rather than passers through. I mean my kid gets "God blessed" at least 6 times every visit.

Anonymous said...


I'm a white guy who doesn't speak Spanish. I live around the block and I've never had a problem with service here. (Also, as a white guy who doesn't speak Spanish, it's probably beneficial to your world-view and perspective to be the minority once in a while. Try it!)

Anonymous said...

Uh- nonwhites make up a majority of NYC residents so if you are white and live in NYC you are a minority. Should I mention whites are what, 15% of the worlds population? Or you could - like I did- live in LA County which is 72% nonwhite and where English is the second language. My point is you are already a minority even if you live in a predominantly white section of NYC bro.

Shawn said...

I love Adela's. I have had some of the best dinner dates here. It's the perfect East Village restaurant. And the rotisserie chicken is the best I've ever had! Sweet plantains! Incredible rice and bean dishes!

New York Magazine already had this as a critic's pick and glad to see New York Times is on board as well! Adela deserves it. 40 years here!

We love you Adela!