Saturday, March 19, 2016

Reward posted for assault last week on East 11th Street

Just noting the posters that went up a few days ago along Fourth Avenue and East 11th Street... there's (up to) a $2,500 reward for information about an early morning assault on March 11 near 119 E. 11th St. between Third Avenue and Fourth Avenue.

Police are looking for four suspects who are accused of assaulting two men. According to reports, one of the victims, 23, sustained a broken orbital bone, broken jaw and a cut to the face that required stitches.

Anyone with information that could help in the investigation is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477). You may also submit tips online.



Anonymous said...

Any information relating to what went down? and why four against two with extreme violence?

Anonymous said...

You gotta make it more than $2500. The Boys in Blue won’t do anything in your neighborhood for under @$25,000. or haven’t they told you that?

You see as someone in your hood I wil tell you that I was receiving calls from your local precinct seeking donations for work that they were in fact not completing. When I failed to provide these monies for work that I felt should in fact be done with their six figure salaries they ended up sending me to Riker’s.

You like that one, IT’S A TUE STORY!!!! Not like the fabricated bunch of shit that flows from the mouths of those who occupy east 5th Street. Don’t worry boys there’s a big bad buggie man who wants all of your asses, wait for him he’s coming.

b377y said...

Any update on this?