Tuesday, March 22, 2016

319 E. 6th St. is for sale; conversion to single-family residence a possibility

319 E. Sixth St., a four-story townhouse between First Avenue and Second Avenue, is new to the market.

Here is the listing via Corcoran:

The house is approximately 4762 SF and consists of 3 expansive apartments with high-end finishes. Unit 1 is duplexed on the garden level and parlor floor and includes an excavated basement on the lower level. Unit 2 and 3 are floor-through 1.5B/2B + HO apartments on the 3rd and 4th floors. Features include gated front yard that opens to contemporary designed interiors with up to 12 ft. ceiling height.

Amenities are numerous, with superb South light and views of a quiet tree-lined street and peaceful rear garden. The property is equipped with multi-zone heat and AC; radiant heat floors; white tile and marble baths; 5" Siberian white oak floors, casement style steel and glass French doors; recessed lighting; and newly restored mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems that are meticulously maintained. The building is outfitted with a video intercom security system, and is topped off with an irresistible surround-view roof-top terrace.

Certificate of Occupancy is for three-unit but can be converted to single-family residence.

Asking price: $7.95 million.

The building last changed hands for $4.35 million in September 2006, according to public records. It appears the current owner is 319 East Sixth Street, Inc., a corporate trust with a Wilmington, Del., address.

Images via Corcoran


Michael Ivan said...

Too much multi-family converting to single family is no bueno, especially if these are not full time residences. Just looked at unit pictures, wow these are gorgeously cool. Only if more owners (developers) could hold on to the romance and not just say biggest steel and glass possible goes...

Advocatus Diaboli said...

Not good for whom, exactly? Monkey talks and romance buys stale chocolate once a year hoping to get laid. What do you think this is, some kind of moralistic agrarian society with a high-degree of social cohesion predicated on time-tested traditions?

Shakin' mah haid

Gojira said...

"... the current owner is 319 East Sixth Street, Inc., a corporate trust with a Wilmington, Del., address" - says it all right there. Not a single human being's name is attached, just one anonymous shell corporation after another. Why is this legal?!?

Michael Ivan said...

For shame, romance needn't be a once-a-year punt for coitus. And yes. Plenty of baddies out there, but society trudges along just fine if you know where to look..... and not look.

Anonymous said...

The steel and glass look is mainly because the steel provides superior support at a lower weight thereby allowing for bigger windows and more light in the interior, and you really do have to fight for every bit of natural light around here. A lot of the brick tenement buildings that may be gorgeous on the outside just aren't going to look nearly as good on the inside as the more modern construction. They also tend to have layouts that are absolutely bonkers, but that's another issue.

So, it's not that people don't care about how things look. To the contrary, they do. But, it is just that architects care more about what their clients will see from the inside as opposed to what randos with whom they have no dealings walking in the street will see.

Advocatus Diaboli said...

@ 12:30 -- highly sensible comment.

@ Gojira -- eliminate the assumption that 'legality' equates to 'right/good' and it'll make more sense.

@ M. Ivan -- romance is social construct. And society trudges along especially well if you know where not to look, what not to hear, and what not to see.

blue glass said...

it is only about money
it's all about money
philosophy, aesthetics, history, etc. have nothing to do with it

Anonymous said...

Well then, it's not your money, so mind your business.