Monday, March 21, 2016

Top Nails is moving next door on Avenue A

Renovations continue inside the former Sustainable NYC storefront. Several tipsters have told us that Top A Nails will be moving here from their current space next door. The husband-wife owners confirmed the move, likely happening in another month.

Meanwhile, there is a small for lease sign now on the salon's front window here between St. Mark's Place and East Ninth Street...

Per the listing, the asking rent is $6,800.

Sustainable NYC, the eco-minded general store and café, closed for good last summer after seven years in business.


equilibrist said...

I wonder why hey would move next door when the spaces seem to be similar sizes and they already have their set-up in place in the current location. Different landlords? A better price?

Gojira said...

Ugh. I used to have pedicures there until they used non-disinfected instruments on me, which gave me such hideous infections under my toenails that half of them fell off. Cost me a thousand bucks in doctor fees, antibiotics and creams to get rid of the yuckies. Bottom Nail, in my book, and I'll pass no matter where they wind up moving to.