Sunday, March 20, 2016

Finally, someone who will gladly accept your unwanted electronics

Sorry for zero notice on this... a reader just shared that this was going on today via the Lower East Side Ecology Center...

March 20, 10 am - 4 pm, Tompkins Square Park Avenue A between East Ninth Street and East 10th Street

Bring your unwanted electronics to our e-waste collection event.

We will accept working and non-working:

• Computers, monitors, printers, scanners, keyboards, mice, cables,
• TVs (all sizes),
• VCR & DVD players,
• Phones, audio/visual equipment,
• Video games
• Cell phones


Elisabeth said...

The Lower East Side Ecology Center has been organizing e-recycling events for the past few years - in increasing numbers and all over town. Go look at their calendar:
They are also the ones who have started collecting compost at farmers markets, and most recently near subway stations, all over town. They deserve major applause!

Anonymous said...

You should put this organization up on the sidebar. Just did a huge throwout of crap a few weeks ago and the only place I could find to dump it on google wasn't worth my time.

Would've been constantly reminded of its existence if it was up there.

Anonymous said...

Yeah would be nice if it was linked as a sidebar to let people know in advance. Shame there was not more notice.

Anonymous said...

I went. It was cool. Thanx EVG.

Michael Ivan said...

Blast, if I only saw this earlier. A Sony Vaio from yesteryear will remain next to a broken toaster, unopened crockpot, and miscellaneous tax documents in a cabinet for yet another year.

Anonymous said...

@Michael Ivan: The unopened crockpot at least could go to a thrift shop!

Elisabeth said...

No need to wait for a year, Michael! These electronics recycling events happen all over town and regularly week by week.
The next downtown recycling event will be in Chelsea, in front of Tekserve on W 23 Street, on April 30.

But DO NOT bring household appliances, just electronics like computers, keyboards, cameras, printers, etc
Specifics here:

If you bring your crock pot to Housing Works or the Salvation Army you can ask for a donation form and deduct the value of your donation from your income tax .

Small broken household appliances made mostly of hard plastic or of metal can be placed inside recycling bags or bins in your building.
These are the instructions: