Thursday, March 31, 2016

Another local Equinox is on the way

[196 Orchard photoshopping]

The Equinox that will be part of Ben Shaoul's incoming development on East Houston and Orchard will have some company in the area.

Per a media announcement via the EVG inbox yesterday...

Equinox continues to make history in Manhattan with three new locations on Bond Street, Gramercy and East 92nd Street. The opening of locations in Dumbo and Williamsburg celebrates Brooklyn’s growing popularity as the new epicenter for culture, business and lifestyle.

The closest of these to this neighborhood is at 670 Broadway (entrance on Bond), which opens this fall. Here's more from the Equinox Bond Street website:

Perched on the corner of a trendsetting lower Manhattan intersection, Equinox Bond Street is an icon in the making. With quintessential New York attitude, the club infuses historic urban architecture with a boundary-pushing downtown vibe.

Housed in a former manufacturing building, Equinox Bond Street creates a true fitness temple with a soaring 18-foot ceiling, exposed brick, arches, and Corinthian columns. The club’s awe-inspiring span showcases four heroically-scaled studios, one of our most expansive fitness floors ever, a spacious home for our luxury amenities, and energizing street views alive with the pulse from Noho’s streets.


Anonymous said...

WOW The verbiage in that self description is something else. They are shoveling so much shit it is beyond needing hip boots. One needs a hazmat suit!

Anonymous said...

NoHo? LOL. Try the southern border of the East Village.

Bigger LOL @ New York attitude. Try downtown Generica.

Name me one current business on Houston Street east of Broadway worth a shit besides Katz's and Parkside Lounge.

Anonymous said...

Seriously? Another overpriced gym for lower Manhattan? No thanks. Been there. Done that. Moved on. Grew up. Work out in my apt and outside, weather permitting. I invest my money in other areas. There is nothing wrong with Equinox as a whole, but the impetus of it is far fetched. They are beckoning to the uber elite, the wealthy, and the beautiful, who will stop at nothing toward the undying quest for perfection, which doesn't exist by the way. This gym, along with other pretentious businesses is what drives old residents out and perpetuates urban gentrification and apathy. Just my two cents.