Monday, July 7, 2008

That woman in line at the Regal Battery Park 11

We're at the Regal Battery Park 11. Something seems to be amiss -- nearly 50 people are in line for the first screenings of the day. Still, things are moving well enough even though only one person is selling tickets. (And the Fandango machine things are down.) Anyway, we're all just fine. Except for one agitated woman in her early 40s. She seems to be dressing down the rather doofy fellow she's with. She moves from the middle of the line to the front and asks, not really politely, if she could cut -- her movie has already started! The first fellow she asks was having none of it. "It's not my fault you're late." She tries the next woman in line, who was sympathetic, but firm, "I'm cutting it close myself." The agitated woman sighs and returns to her place in line. Finally, she gets her turn at the window. And what is she there to see?

Sex and the City.

Of course. And why hasn't she already seen this?

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Joshua said...

It makes me think of the crunch at bookstores that always follows an Oprah reccomendation (though it's the same people, isn't it?).