Monday, July 21, 2008

Ninth Street Espresso coming to 10th Street

This summer, at the site of the former Tompkins Square Bakery next to Life. [Update: There seems to be some confusion... thanks to the commenter for the note. The bakery's address was 341 E. 10th St., now home to the real-estate office... The Ninth Street Espresso's Web site said they are moving into 341 E. 1oth St. I'll get this right eventually. And none of this will be on the midterm. Regardless, there will be a new Ninth Street Espresso location on 10th Street...]


Anonymous said...

that was the realtor office, NOT the bakery. the realtors moved into the old bakery spot.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the clarification. My apologies.

Anonymous said...

Ninth Street Espresso, but for the hot model traffic houses rude nasty coffee nazis. I ordered an espresso to go there once and some pudgy 19 year old NYU reject from beyond the counter advised most surly that they do not offer that service. I advised this person that notwithstanding her most appreciated advisement on the proper dispensation of coffee, I'd still appreciate the to go variety. When rudely confronted with my request I advise dher to shove the espresso up her twat and left and bought an espresso for 1/3 the price at the puerto rican place on avenue c 4 blocks down sin the attitude.