Monday, July 7, 2008

How good places are ruined: One perspective (aka, Sex and the City II: Carrie's Abortion)

[New York magazine/Photo by Ben Rosenzweig]

Gawker's Sheila McClear has a nice anecdote about her evening at the Holiday last night.

To which commenter Rod Townsend responded:

There are places about which you aren't supposed to write . . . Remember, if you write about it, some editwat at TONY or the Post or Hello! will write about it too. Then some location manager for Sex and the City II: Carrie's Abortion will see it and boom, it's a stop on a tour bus.

Meanwhile. Let's dance.


Anonymous said...

Rod Townsend is a tool. He obviously has a huge crush on Sheila and is constantly gawking her.

Jeremiah Moss said...

that commenter is so correct, re: time out writing about things and then those things getting flooded by slummers. but, back to the gawker page, another commenter writes quite eloquently about how such slummers are then treated in holiday. never to return, i am sure.

Rod Townsend said...

Rod Townsend is unlikely to be crushing on Sheila as he is totally a gay fag.

Anonymous said...

Oh, sorry, rod. I guess I'm just jealous of the attention that Sheila gives you. Then I must be the one crushing on her.

EV Grieve said...

I cringe when any mainstream publication does the ol' "10 greatest bars that you've never heard of before" type features. Or Esquire attempting to be something its not by selecting the Grassroots as one of the greatest bars in America. (When that happened in 2006, I noticed an influx of seersucker for a few weeks.)

And, to no one in particular, Rod has always ben one of my favorite Gawker commenters.