Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Looking at some of those buildings that are for sale

In recent months, I've noticed several buildings for sale in the neighborhood...nothing unique about that, of course. Except! It's just that each of these signs are hanging on buildings that house bars. (Bars that I happen to like.) Maybe this doesn't mean a thing. The signs are for other buildings that are for sale. The bars all have long leases. It will all be business as usual. New landlords, no rent increases! You know, all is well! (I'm trying...)

Oh, and in the case of the "space available" along 14th Street in the (blurry, sorry) third photo, I don't even know if that includes the beloved Blarney Cove. Still, given some of the reports (via Jeremiah, Curbed and The Villager) about that ripe-for-development eastern stretch of 14th Street between Avenues A and C, I'm not very hopeful. About anything.

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Jill said...

I saw a sign on the old Bloom & Krup (the red building above) that it was going to become a Knitting Factory, which I think is a very cool place for it to be. There aren't a lot of residents around there to get annoyed, and it will bring rock and roll to the 'hood (to answer the posters that are around town.

I will be very sad if Blarney Cove closes. Drinks are still $4 and you can always get a seat at the bar!