Sunday, July 13, 2008

Vasmay Lounge is moving

[Photo via Twerking Hard in the East Village]

This past Wednesday, I was yammering away about buildings for sale in the neighborhood that also housed bars. And why this was cause for concern. One of these locations was Vasmay Lounge on Houston at Suffolk. (Site of the former Meow Mix.) Well, Twerking Hard in the East Village reported today that Vasmay's has closed...and moved to the former Essex Ale House location on Essex and Houston. (He also reminds us of one of the former bars in the that Essex Ale House spot -- Filthy McNasty's. Have a few stories about that place...)

Anyway, will be curious to see what happens to the former Vasmay space at 269 E. Houston St.


Anonymous said...

Please share the Filthy stories. I recall being led there late one night in 2003 by the purported owners. They were without liquor license and the place was closed, but they offered me and my friend cans of PBR. When we decided to leave at sunrise, they chased us out the door, begging us to stay. Creepy.

EV Grieve said...

I remember shortly after it first opened (I have no idea what year...)...Mrs. Grieve and I were walking by on a Saturday night, no destination in mind. Every place seemed crowded by this time around 10. Except for Filthy Mc's! Not one soul was in there. And the bartender had "Diamonds are Forever" on the TV. Seemed promising. Then the bartender started blabbering away about how he held the title for "World's Greatest Bartender" or something. He talked about all these drinks that he had patents for (!). He talked of bartending in Singapore, London, Cape Town, etc. Without any prompting, he then dashed from behind the bar and started juggling liquor bottles a la Tom Cruise in "Cocktail." Anyway, I had to ask him how the "World's greatest Bartender" came to work at a dump on the LES called Filthy McNasty's. He said that he lived on Essex and wanted to be close to home. Never saw him there again. Must have taken his show to more glamorous locales.