Tuesday, February 10, 2009

About last night's CB3 SLA meeting...

Yesterday, I noted that Sintir, an aspiring Moroccan place under wraps at 424 E. 9th St. between Avenue A and First Avenue, was going before the Community Board 3's SLA Licensing Committee.

So, how did it go? Bailly Roesch was there last night to cover the meeting for Eater.

Here's the lowdown on Sintir:

Sintir . . . met some opposition from nine members of the Block Association. They collected a petition with 109 signatures trying to block the restaurant and cited ads the owners had apparently posted on their MySpace pages advertising upcoming live music performances. After a half an hour struggle, the ap was denied, the owner was in tears.

You can read the rest of Roesch's report here.

Two items of interest:
There's a new restaurant going into the old Affetati/East Village Pie Lounge space at 131 E. Seventh St. Cure will serve Italian cured meats and cheeses along with Italian wine.

And! One thing that I was confused about...I noticed on the CB3 site that there was a transfer from Lucky Stiffs to something called Stokes (a sports bar, natch) at 211 Avenue A. According to Grub Street: "They were approved to open the bar with the stipulation that the outdoor patio be removed from the request."

Drop Off Service is at 211 Avenue A near 13th Street. Do they share an address with the now-closed Boysroom next door on the corner? Never been to Drop Off Service... just want to make sure that I didn't miss anything.

Salvatore D'Aquila, the first boss of what is now the Gambino Organized Crime Family, was shot and killed on Oct. 10, 1928, in front of 211 Avenue A.


Anonymous said...

yes, the NW corner of 13th and A (aka old Boysroom space) and Drop-Off Service are both 211 Avenue A.

Drop-Off Service is so named because it used to be a laundromat. MY laundromat, dammit.

EV Grieve said...

Thanks, Anon...I remember the laundromat...The bar seems to do good business. Looks crowded enough when I walk by....Not to stereotype...But! Looks on the fratty side.

EV Grieve said...
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EV Grieve said...

Oops...I posted the same comment twice...