Thursday, February 12, 2009

Another restaurant falls?: Looking at 110 John St.

From the looks of it, One Ten Bar & Grill at 110 John Street in the Financial District has closed...their signage is gone from out front...

but their flag still flies.


Eden Bee said...

I noticed that that bar on the corner of 1st ave and st. marks seems to be closed. When I walked by last week a girl was on her cell phone telling her friend they should take all the kinda nice bar stools that were being thrown out..There were about 10 bar stools on that corner..I was tempted to grab a couple.

Anonymous said...

Hi Eden,

Thanks for the comment. Right, Tribe! The building's owner wanted a 100% rent increase and called the place an eyesore! Guess she didn't want their barstools either!