Monday, February 23, 2009

The Bourdainster blogs about "Disappearing Manhattan"

The Bourdainster blogs about tonight's episode of "No Reservations"...

We're calling Monday night's show "DISAPPEARING MANHATTAN," but this is not to suggest that Katz's Deli, or Keen's, or Russ & Daughters are going to fade away anytime soon (if ever). What I am saying with this "Special" episode is that these are exactly the kind of old school, hometown places I love; uniquely New York institutions who have survived the brutal caprices of style and changing tastes -- and are still worth going out of your way to patronize. Let me make this clear: "Old" does not necessarily mean "good." Just cause it's a "New York institution" doesn't mean you want to eat there. If it did, New Yorkers might actually eat at Tavern On The Green -- and Luchows would still be open.

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Ken Mac said...

Tony to the rescue. Now maybe my friends who just think "I like old stuff" will finally get it.