Friday, February 6, 2009

Bloomy's "assemblage of private enclaves"

Over at the Daily Gotham, Bouldin discusses Mayor Fiorello La Guardia and his relationship with FDR. La Guardia was a constant guest at the White House, and was able to secure Federal funds to help bring NYC out of the Depression, Bouldin writes. Meanwhile, Bloomberg's public schedule doesn't indicate any White House visits. "In short, his administration is wasting potentially billions of dollars that could be spent on needful things."


[T]he big difference between LaGuardia and Bloomberg is one of vision. LaGuardia loved the City as public space, with great, sprawling vistas built for the public. Mayor Bloomberg's vision is profoundly distinct from that: he sees the City as an assemblage of private enclaves that, without ready cash, are closed to you.

That's the problem. We could have a re-birth of the City, with a grand plan for the future. But we do not have that, that great living adventure, nor will we get it.

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