Thursday, February 19, 2009

"Coney Island will be open for business in 2009"

I'm reprinting a comment left by Electricia on my Coney Island post from this morning:

Your observation that you ran into about 50 people taking photos is telling. As someone who works in Coney, I worry that the proliferation of pix showing a disaster zone will reinforce the mistaken idea people have from media reports that ALL of Coney Island is closed.

Despite the devastating loss of Astroland and the threatening Store for Lease banners on Ruby's and other Thor owned properties, CONEY ISLAND WILL BE OPEN FOR BUSINESS IN 2009! Not only the landmark Cyclone and Wonder Wheel, and Nathan's, but Deno's Wonder Wheel Park (20 rides), Eldorado Bumper Cars and Arcade, 12th Street Amusements including Polar Express, McCullough's Kiddie Park, The Coney Island Sideshow & Museum, the Coney Island History Project (under the Cyclone coaster), fireworks, Mermaid Parade and much, much more! Please visit and help us keep Coney's businesses alive and thriving! The 2009 season begins on Palm Sunday, April 5th.

List of what will *definitely be open & happenin' in 2009

Flickr group "Coney Island is Alive & Kicking" with 250+ photos of attractions you can enjoy in 2009


electricia said...

Thank you so much for helping to spread the word! I urge Coney fans everywhere to post and repost this info on your blogs or as comments wherever you see a story about Coney Island. I really do worry about this summer. Every day I talk with friends and acquaintances who have the misimpression everything closed in Coney.

See you on the Cyclone line!

EV Grieve said...

You're welcome...I have to admit that I was focused on what was closed rather what was open...And! As for lines! The line at Nathan's was running about 30 minutes...

Scott said...

Buy one hot dog at Nathan's, get another for five cents -

make money from blogging said...

lol , what the heck it has to do with hot dog. lol