Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The last weekly issue of Page Six Magazine: Meet the "Recession Vultures"

The last weekly issue of Page Six Magazine didn't fail to disappoint this week. The winner is the story titled "New York's: Recession Vultures."

Here's the intro:

For the city's movers and shakers, it's suddenly cool to be frugal in the new economy. But for young employed New Yorkers, Manhattan is suddenly a sky's-the-limit playground. Meet the city's recessionistas, who are living large while everyone else is down for the count.


"The recession has not affected me at all financially," says Karen Granit, 26, who works as a sales manager for Godiva Chocolates and lives in a two-bedroom apartment with a roommate near Union Square (her roommate, Laura, lost her newspaper editor job last October). "Laura better find a job because she has to pay half the rent," says Karen. "I'm on the lease, so it's my responsibility."

The magazine will now be publishing on a quarterly schedule.

1 comment:

lvv said...

Doesn't this dumb child realize that Godiva chocolates are a luxury item (or at the very least, a nonessential), and that in an prolonged economic downturn Godiva stores are very likely to close? I myself used to shop there fairly regularly for small gifts, but now I only go post-holiday when everything is marked down.

Anyway I'm glad to hear that this person (or anyone!) has not been laid off, but geez, a little humility would be nice.