Friday, February 27, 2009

A sign that I like

On Third Avenue in the 20s.


Matt said...

Used to live near Joe Hug. The guy who runs the place (Joe?) is hysterical. I walked in late at night once and he was standing in the front singing into the microphone in some asian language. There were other customers there and I was laughing but he just kept right on going.

gabriel said...

Aw, man, why'd you have to post that photo? You're making me all nostalgic! I used to live on 26th between 2nd and 3rd... for maybe 7 years... and Joe Hug was the anchor tenant of my late-night life. Countless 4AM egg salad sandwiches coming back from... shit, Twilo I guess, and then wherever else... No matter HOW MANY TIMES I would buy stuff there, the people who worked there never, EVER showed a spark of recognition of my face. Genius. Loved that place.