Monday, July 2, 2012

Downtown Auto space now for rent on the Bowery

Downtown Auto & Tire packed up and left the Bowery and Great Jones back in April, relocating to First Avenue and 117th Street ...

Late last week, for rent signs appeared ... putting to rest the neighborhood buzz that the space would become a) an Eddie Bauer store b) a private parking lot or c) a Quicksilver outlet.

There isn't currently any listing information at Ozymandius Realty.

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randall said...

Ozymandias realty!? Really? "...Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!"

Kind of fitting.

Your-car-needs-new-muffler-fluid said...

I stopped there once around 14 years ago to ask about getting some work done on my new used SAAB. There was a young woman listening with a very worried expression to some guy who was explaining to her what the repairs were going to be on her car's transmission.

When he saw me standing and waiting patiently he told me to wait outside while he finished discussing the matter privately with the young lady.

You can bet I went outside and never returned to what I am fairly certain was a scam outfit.

(Hence I am not sad to see them gone, though I wouldn't have wished them on East Harlem.)