Monday, August 31, 2015

This interactive map lets you track the neighborhood's sidewalk cafes

In case you didn't see this news earlier today (DNAInfo, The Lo-Down and Crain's, among other outlets), the Department of Consumer Affairs has launched an interactive map that shows the locations of the city's 1,300-plus sidewalk cafes.

The map also shows pending applications, license status and health grades. Per Crain's: "The goal is to boost transparency and reduce confusion surrounding the licensing process, said Julie Menin, commissioner of the Department of Consumer Affairs, which oversees the licensing of sidewalk cafés."

In our Community Board 3 area (covering the East Village and Lower East Side), there are currently 97 sidewalk cafes, many of them not even on Second Avenue or East Third Street and Avenue B.

Check out the map here.


Anonymous said...

What about places that are not on the map or pending licenses? Does that mean that they are illegal and does Dept of Consumer Affairs care at all about places that put up tables, benches illegally?

NFallon said...

This is great, nice to see it laid out so easily. Hope to see more sidewalk cafes open along the empty areas, they add so much character and life to a city.

Anonymous said...

I also love sidewalk cafes, as long as there is still space to pass on the sidewalk.

Anonymous said...

A congestion map!