Friday, January 22, 2021

Phony Express returns with 'Laurie Anderson'

Phony Express, the pandemic-era band started by some local artists, writers and musicians, have released a new single — "Laurie Anderson." 

To refresh your memory... here's info from our post on the anonymous band from last week:
"Phony Express is what happens when artists, writers and musicians, who'd normally be making shows live at La MaMa and in our neighborhood watering holes, decide to use our own devices. We've formed an anonymous band inspired by EV Grieve — anonymous, so that listeners may focus on the music itself, not what they find online about the persons performing it; local, sparked by our neighborhood's unique legacy, free and fun ... Our plan is to collaborate by phone, making music quickly (Phony Express) and upload to Phony Express's YouTube channel."
Previously on EV Grieve: 

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Anonymous said...

How is it that no one commented on this yet? A pandemic-formed (or informed?) band that was inspired to form by the Grieve? I love this. Good sound, funny lyrics made me smile, and it's more than I've been doing with my time. Thanks for the inspiration, guys. Kuddos to yo' all.