Friday, January 22, 2021

Halloween Adventure is hoping for one more Halloween

Earlier this month, reports surfaced that Halloween Adventure is shutting down in the weeks ahead at 808 Broadway/104 Fourth Ave. between 11th Street and 12th Street.

However, store ownership is now hoping for a reprieve... with the goal of staying open through this Halloween.

Here's part of their statement via the store's website:
Unfortunately, due to diminishing traffic as a result of COVID, Halloween Adventure is tragically facing the reality that we will have to close. 

While the store has always been open all year, Halloween is always the critical season that funds the rest of our year. The effects of COVID on Halloween 2020 caused us to lose over $2 million in sales. Due to this harsh reality, we are facing closure and are selling off all goods at 75% off. 

At this rate we will not even be able to celebrate Halloween 2021 with the East Village and our last Halloween will have been one that had severely muted celebrations because of COVID. 

Nothing would mean more to us than to have at least one more full, true Halloween celebration with the community. After seeing the outpouring of support over the past two weeks across social media and in the store, we have realized there could be a light at the end of this dark tunnel. 

If we could make back this month even half of the $2 million in Halloween sales that we lost, we could stay open through Halloween and have that last great adventure with the community. This last week in the store has already gotten us nearly 20% of the way there!

If you cannot come to our store in person, we would greatly appreciate if you could support us by purchasing a gift card for the store. Every gift card helps us make it that much closer to our goal and our dream to celebrate that final Halloween with the East Village! 

We truly appreciate all the support we have received from our fans over the years and how you have shared our store with your friends and families.
You can find the gift card info at this link.

The Times has a feature on the shop from today right here.

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Anonymous said...

Good news!

Trixie said...

I think they have more than a ghost of a chance!

Anonymous said...

Tis the season to stock up on masks!