Thursday, February 17, 2022

[Updated] Verameat closes on Feb. 22

Updated: Vera has decided to close the shop on Tuesday, Feb. 22 — with a 65-percent off sale going on until then.

While on the topic of Ninth Street ... several EVG readers have noted the for-rent sign hanging in the front window at Verameat at No. 315 between First Avenue and Second Avenue.

Owner and designer Vera Balyura announced (via Instagram) last month that her lease was up here in April... and she was debating what to do next. Perhaps close her physical locations (here and in Brooklyn) and go online only? 

As for staying in this spot... unfortunately,  the landlord apparently isn't interested in negotiating a deal for her to stay (she also had to pay full rent during the pandemic when the shop couldn't even open). 

Balyura has been selling her unique jewelry designs from here since 2011. 

You can follow the shop on Instagram for updates... and visit the store in the weeks ahead.

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