Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Former Red Square art hauled away

There hasn't been much happening in recent weeks (so we're told!) along 250 E. Houston St. now that workers have demolished the one-level strip of storefronts here between Avenue A and Avenue B. 

One bit of activity: A reader shared these photos from Saturday... when workers hauled away the street sculpture that had been installed for years above the former Dunkin'/Baskin-Robbins...  ... and by the way, does anyone know who created this sculpture with the Einstein license plates (among other items)...?
Our previous posts at this link have more background on what's been happening to date here.

As we first reported on Jan. 18, there is a permit on file with the city for a 6-floor residential building on this property. 

However, sources tell us that this was just a preliminary filing to allow for the demolition ... and that the plans for the building will actually be closer to the size/scope of the adjacent 13-floor residences at 250 E. Houston St., the former Red Square that opened in 1989


tom said...

Yes- That piece was by Johnny Swing and (perhaps?) collaborators - Maybe John Carter.
You'll remember Johnny from the gate piece on 1 St Ave lot between 5th and 6th St, dismantled a couple of years ago and also from the 2B gas station space in the late 80s.
Johnny is still making amazing work in Vermont where he now lives.

Anonymous said...

his art is fantastic!<3!

Anonymous said...

Any idea of the future of the art piece?

Jared said...

More Johnny Swing, please.